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Marketing Automation and Its Benefits for Marketers: The 2020 Truth

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Marketing is one of the keywords that can help businesses reach out to their audience and convert them into loyal clients. What exactly is marketing? While we have heard this word many times, it is now time to understand what all it really entails. Marketing is a series of activities that helps you build reach, drive engagement and make conversions.

With marketing automation, you can take this complex of activities and tasks that usually spreads over multiple channels, to create an automated system wherein these tasks are laid out, completed and essentially designed to reach your ideal audience in the ideal manner. 


But the question is: how does marketing automation do this? And even before that, there are many questions like, is marketing automation for me? Well, if you are already in the year 2020 with your business and with something to sell, then you are a marketer and you need marketing automation for sure.

Also, for those are wholly and solely into marketing, aka, the marketers, this is a very important gamut that needs to be employed so that you can market multiple products and services across multiple channels at the same time.

Here are the top benefits of marketing automation software for marketers in this day and age:

Marketing Automation

Take the small and make it big:

Small business marketing automation is the very best option for small and growing businesses that need that extra push in order to make it big. The modern day marketer is one who needs to make a dent in a professional manner and ensure that all the tasks in the entire marketing campaign and pipeline are met efficiently.

In order to do this with less resources, you would need to ensure that you make use of methods that do not eat into your bandwidth. This would help you take on marketing automation so that you can take a small business and make it big. 


Information Management:

With the right marketing automation software, you get an integrated CRM system or customer relationship management system that can help you manage your information. Yet, we are not merely speaking about databases here.

We are also talking about using filters and metrics that can help us tie in the information with the various tasks in the sales pipeline. With CRM you can easily maintain and manage the information in a way that your prospects and customers would both be serviced with the right tasks at the right time. 


Tracking and Analytics:

With the modern day marketer will not only be able to queue up the collateral marketing automation, and posts along with emails, but they will also be able to track the emails, posts and other deliverables so that you are able to find out what the reach and engagement is like.

With marketing automation, you will also be able to get insights and analytics that can show you the efficacy of your marketing efforts. And with such a system in place, you can easily tweak the marketing campaign based on what is working and what is not working out well for you. 



In the world of digital marketing, all the signals are amplified and they reach multiple people over multiple platforms. Yet, while this is a good thing it is also quite a challenge. It would be difficult for the marketer to reach out to each and every lead so as to engage a potential customer. Yet, with the right marketing automation efforts, you can easily bring in a more organised approach to the entire process.

This is called lead management where leads are not only generated with the marketing automation software, but also nurtured so that the leads can be steered towards becoming customers for the business in question.


Improvement in ROI:

When a marketer turns to small business marketing automation, there is a greater ROI that eventually gets attached to the marketing efforts. This is due to the fact that the reach of the marketing efforts and its optimisation reaches greater heights since the activities are efficiently queued up within the small bandwidth available to the small business.

The basic efficiency of the methods and the tasks will receive a boost since the messages and emails along with the posts will be broadcast over multiple channels with minimum effort on the part of the marketer which will enable the marketing team to actually engage with the prospects and make conversions for the business. 


Increase in Visibility:

It is not possible for the marketer to attain visibility on all the multiple channels of marketing at all times. This is due to the fact that there are a number of such channels with millions of users. Yet, in order to get the attention span of the customers and prospects, it would be imperative to increase visibility with automated tasks that will help you reach all the corners of the world wide web with marketing automation software that is also integrated with CRM.

In doing so, you become visible across all channels which also helps you attain an authoritative standing in your niche so that you are taken more seriously by your prospects. This will also help you put up a more professional front. 


Personalised and Customized Efforts:

When you are setting forth your marketing efforts, you would want them to be customized as per the particular and specific needs of your prospects since a single product or service can serve a number of issues and offer many solutions for myriad everyday problems. This is something that will have to be conveyed multiple times within the same marketing campaign and it is something that can be easily achieved when you put marketing automation in place for your business.

This will not only help you attain visibility, but it will also help you attain the attention of your customer so that you can convey exactly what you can offer them in their specific scenarios. These customized efforts can also help in attaining excellent brand recall for your business. 

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