How To Watch South Park Online Free of Cost 3 Working Method

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South Park is a popular animated and comedy American TV Series. This TV Show is based on a fictional town of South Park. If you like to watch anime shows, then the South Park TV show is one of them. If you have not seen South Park yet, then there are few ways by which you can watch all the episodes of South Park of all the seasons. If you don’t know about South Park online, then let me give you an introduction.

As we have said, South Park is an anime comedy series. There are characters like Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Eric, and others who are there from the first episode of this series. The first episode of this animated show aired in 1997. From that time, the creators have produced so many episodes. The show is so funny that you will enjoy a lot. No matter, if you remember all the episodes of the show, you can watch it once again if you haven’t. Or have forgotten the show even if you have watched. Here, in this article, check out how you can watch South Park show online for free. There are so many methods available on the internet, but some are not genuine. So, here we have brought a few ways by which you can watch South Park online for free.


Q1. Was Southpark cancelled?

The Comedy Central renewed the “South Park” for more seasons. It was a record-breaking 26th season with at least 327 episodes. Season 23 is the longest-running scripted series.

Q2. Does Netflix have South Park?

You can watch South Park on Now TV and Amazon Prime Video. South Park Tv series is also available on Netflix.

Q3. What streaming service is South Park on?

South Park comedy is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video. All the new episodes will debut on HBO Max.

Q4. How much did Netflix pay for South Park?

It is said that Netflix paid more than $500 million for worldwide rights to “Seinfeld.”

Q5. Why is South Park not on Hulu?

As HBO Max will stream the series, it will have all the rights. As per the agreement, South Park will not be seen on Hulu from summer.

Q6. Does HBO have South Park?

Yes, HBO Max will also stream South Park series. The upcoming streaming platform of South Park will be launch in May 2020 and will stream the series in starting of June 2020.


Now, check out the methods to watch South Park online for free.

Method 1: Watch South Park on South Park Studios

The South Park Studios is an official website of South Park. On this website, you can get all the episodes of the Series for free. It is a legal streaming site. Only a few episodes are missing, and they are “Super Best Friends”, “200” and “201.”

Whenever the new episode of South Park is released, it comes on this site for all the fans to enjoy. However, the new episodes are temporarily removed after a week, as the creators of the series have made an agreement with Comedy Central. And those episodes return after a month and remains there forever. The South Park Studios is available in so many countries, but there are few versions of the site.

How to watch South Park on South Park Studios:

Follow the steps and use the South Park Studios website to watch South Park online for free.

  • First of all, visit the website
  • From the top menu, select “Full episodes.”
    How To Watch South Park Online
  • Select a season
  • Now, click on the episode which you want to watch
  • The episode will be played automatically

NOTE: At the right bottom corner of the video, there are three buttons. From those three, the first button allows you to turn on subtitles. A second one allows you to customize the subtitles like changing style, size, the colour of the fonts. This can also change font opacity, background opacity, background colour, window colour and window opacity. And the last button will maximize the video player.

Method 2: Use Free Online Streaming Sites to Watch South Park

All the online streaming sites are like YouTube. These sites offer so many movies and TV shows for free to all the users from the world. They make money by showing ads. But, there are few online streaming sites which are more greedier. They display malicious ads by which they can make more money by downloading malware files. However, don’t worry as here we have selected a few legitimate sites which are safe to download.

How to watch South Park for free on Kisscartoon?

  • First of all visit the official website of Kisscartoon,
  • In the search bar, type “South Park.”
  • Select any season you want to watch
  • It will provide you with a list of episodes
  • Click on any episode you want to watch
  • Press the Play button to start watching.

Apart from this, there are few other streaming sites where you can watch South Park online.

Method 3: Free Online Streaming Sites

1. Watch Cartoon Online

This is a popular online streaming site which focuses more on Western cartoons and Japanese anime. You will find all the animated show from American Dad to South Park. However, it is a free website; you need to deal with an ad-block or can sometimes find a broken video.

2.  CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn is a simple design website which has a huge collection of animated TV shows. On this site, you will get so many animated TV shows in different categories of studio, genre, characters and you can also search for any show from the name of it.


ALLSP is the online streaming site which has South Park Tv show. The site is not associated with or authorized by Viacom. You get all the content on this site which is hosted on servers which belongs to different third-party providers.


If you are really interested in watching this show, then follow the given methods. These are some of the ways to watch South Park online for free. If you really want to watch the Anime show then try out these methods. It is very easy to watch a TV show online.


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