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The Employee Tracking Software and Everything that You Need to Know About It

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Every business around the world is continuously working on improving itself to increase its profits and become a successful enterprise. Going to the top isn’t the goal nowadays, but maintaining your position at the top is. It’s necessary that a business is not only the best but remains the best for years for it to become substantially popular even in the local public. For a business to become successful all of its employees must be working towards leveraging its profits. It is also important to ensure their productivity to get the most out of their time and keep a record of their work. For this purpose, you can use the Software for Employee Monitoring.


The Employee Tracking Software has been created to aid businesses in gaining a useful understanding of how their employees utilize their working hours in their company. The data provided by this software would be highly efficient for an enterprise as it tells how to improve the overall productivity of the company. You can easily find out what areas your business needs to focus on to get the most productivity out of its employees. This would help you create efficient teams within your business without having to recruit more employees or increase the salary of the already employed ones for certain new projects or tasks. Employee Tracking Software

The Employee Tracking Software Lets You Get the Most out of Your Employee’s Time


It is essential for the company’s productivity that the employees are working efficiently. And if you do provide a good salary to your employees, you must receive the best possible results from them. Time is very important and if you utilize it productively then you can get a lot of money out of it as well.


Through the Employee Tracking Software, you can easily find out what your employees are doing at any minute of the day. The software provides an all-seeing employee monitoring and analytics on the behavior of every single employee. Some of the time-related features included in this software that’ll help you utilize the working hours of your employees most productively have been provided below:


  • The Usage of Apps and Websites

This feature allows you to monitor what applications your employees are using during their working time and what websites they open and use. You can get information about the apps and websites that your employees are using overall at a company level, as a team for group projects, and finally at an individual level as well.


  • Tracking Activities 

It is important to know what your employees are doing on-screen during their working hours. The software provides you with information regarding the activity logs of all your employees and you can get to know what they are doing in their active and idle time during their scheduled work hours. Furthermore, you can also gain the benefit of reviewing and approving manual logs as well.


  • Screenshots of Suspicious or Malicious Activities

Many a time it so happens that some of the employees are working against the company by staying in it or perhaps using the internet for anything else but working. Such suspicious and potentially malicious activities need to be reported as soon as possible. This is where the application of an Employee Tracking Software becomes very useful.


You’ll receive random screenshots of your employees’ activities and also those screenshots that are triggered in specific time frames. They’ll also serve as good evidence if you decide on starting disciplinary actions against employees.


  • The Stealth Mode Feature

Through this feature, you can easily track down what activities your employees are doing over the screen and also in practical life during their working hours. Through stealth mode, you can monitor the activity log of any of your employees without getting noticed at all. You can get all the information that you want regarding any employee without letting them know that you are monitoring them.


This is a very useful feature because if guilty, employees who know that they’ve been monitored might try to hide suspicious and malicious activities. But an unexpected stealth monitoring can reveal malicious activities of all your employees and you can easily find out who’s genuinely working and who isn’t.


Details about the Productivity-Focused Features 


The productivity-focused features of the Employee Tracking Software focus on providing useful insights about the activities of your employees. It can monitor a large number of screens and provide useful insights.


Its technology is very reliable since it has been tested multiple times and has proven to be very useful. Some of the major businesses around the world use this software to increase the overall productivity of their employees and get the most out of their working hours.


The comprehensive and analytical screen monitoring feature of the Employee Tracking Software provides you with a unique perspective on the productivity, daily activities, and timesheets of all your employees. The productivity-focused features have been listed as follows:


  • Tracking or monitoring the activities of your employees in real-time.
  • The feature of adding manual time entries so that time can be efficiently managed at an individual level for maximum overall productivity.
  • The labeling of apps and websites as productive and unproductive, and neutral so that they are accordingly used by employees.
  • Tracking of productivity through insightful reports about employees.
  • You’ll receive analytical reports about employees via emails on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as per your choice.
  • Triggering manual screenshots when required.


All of these features would prove very beneficial for any kind of organization or business. You can get customized data out of this app if you can choose what productivity-focused features you require or not. You can find comprehensive information regarding each of the features on the app’s website.


Final Words 


Businesses all around the world are taking a step forward to manage time most effectively and productively so that they can increase the profit of their company. The employee tracking software might sound beneficial only for the company but in reality, it is important for employees as well.


Some employees don’t get as much appreciation as they deserve and sometimes things are the other way round. It is important that everybody is treated equally and paid accordingly for their hard work. This app might help you identify the person who is working ‘behind the scenes and find your “Employee of the Month”.


The Employee Tracking Software has been designed to save the company from internal disintegration, take disciplinary actions if required, increase the company’s productivity, effectively utilize the working hours of employees, and provide a better working environment.


Through this app, employees will receive the opportunity to get noticed for all the hard work that they do. Furthermore, if the business is successful the employees would also get good salaries and have a good time working for their company.


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