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Top 5 E-Commerce Search Software

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The E-commerce industry is rapidly expanding and becoming more lucrative. Since people were stuck in their homes due to the pandemic, online shopping became the norm. As a result, the total global retail e-commerce market value went up to $4.9 trillion in 2021.

Many businesses use tools like the e-commerce search software to help them stand out from the rest of the competition. E-Commerce search software enables you to improve the customer’s shopping experience. This software analyzes the data and helps consumers find the best products.

Here are some common e-commerce software benefits:

  • Offer intelligent product suggestions
  • It brings down the cart abandonment rate
  • Enhances customer engagement
  • Increase earnings from your e-commerce store

You might want to know the best e-commerce search software to use from the plethora of options available. We will discuss the top five to ensure you can choose the best one for your e-commerce platform.

1.    Expertrec

The first e-commerce search engine that we have is Expertrec. This is a power-packed search engine tool that allows your customers to find the products your e-commerce store is offering. There are various features that you can enjoy using this software to boost your revenue.

The stand-out functionality of Expertrec is its AI/Machine Learning capabilities. Although this e-commerce tool is easy-to-use, you can find different training materials, such as videos, to understand its usability. The software has an easy deployment process for Cloud, SaaS, and Web-Based platforms.

Expertrec offers you an AI customization search experience to engage your target customers and improve your conversion rate. Let’s go over some of the core features that you can find in this e-commerce search software.


  • Personalized feature
  • You can use the Spell checker feature to display the appropriate products
  • Allows easy merchandising
  • Works on different platforms, including Shopify, Woocomerce, etc

2.    Algolia

Another great e-commerce search software we have on our list is Algolia. This all-in-one platform enables you to increase search speed to the maximum level.

You can use the tools and get your users to access the appropriate products on different sites or mobile apps quickly and easily. The robust API in Algolia Search enables you to send the relevant content to users within seconds.

Furthermore, it gives developers multiple options to personalize the user experience’s relevance. This feature will help them get a clear understanding of their customer’s interaction with the content. You can also use Algolia to create distinctive product recommendations for any e-commerce experience.


  • The tool comes with advanced language processing.
  • It offers multilingual support.
  • You can enjoy the option of highlighting.
  • Uses geo-awareness for showcasing the nearby search results
  • You can access multiple sorting strategies

3.    Doofinder

If you are looking for an affordable, robust, and simple internal e-commerce search software, then Doofinder would be the right choice. The best feature of this software is that it helps your target audience search through visuals.

Your potential consumer can take an image of the item they are looking for and upload it to look for identical products. The tool will analyze those images for colors, shapes, etc., and match them with your collection to find related products that the customer wants.

You can also leverage its real-time statistics to know about the conversions and traffic coming to your website. All in all, Doofinder helps your e-commerce store to connect with potential buyers.

The e-commerce search software brings the consumers’ attention to products they prefer in your store. Below are some features you can find in the basic version of Doofinder.


  • Benefit from the data management features for daily or scheduled indexing
  • Customized user experience through its AI Search Personalization feature
  • Analytics to give you insight into your e-commerce store

4.    AddSearch Site Search

AddSearch is one of the best enables your e-commerce website or web application to personalize site search. You can make the best use of its indexing API to ensure your content is up-to-date. AddSearch has a reputation for the fastest return on investment by users.

The software helps businesses throughout different industries, such as education, media, and many more. You can increase your sales and improve your conversion rates simultaneously using the AddSearch software. Another great thing about this e-commerce search software is its exceptional customer support services.


  • You can use the crawler feature to index your content.
  • Includes a dashboard for you to monitor all the activities
  • The software uses AI/Machine Learning and a powerful API
  • Allows third-party integrations and gives you access to visual analytics
  • Easily import or export your data from AddSearch

5.    Klevu

Klevu is an ideal tool for those who want customers to find your products. It comes with an AI-driven on-site advanced search and different functionalities that can help your e-commerce store in:

  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Delivering hyper-relevant and customized experience
  • Getting a positive return on their investment

The best thing about Klevu is that it uses state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) processes. This software can help your retail business drive sales through customers looking for their preferred products.


  • Enables you to promote products on keywords
  • The tool gives you complete error tolerance to avoid any typos
  • It helps you merchandise the search results
  • Seamless indexing to ensure your content stays up-to-date
  • You can use it for the product catalog enrichment

Leverage the E-commerce Search Software to Your Advantage

The trend of e-commerce is likely going to go up as consumers are now enjoying the feasibility and convenience it offers. Therefore, the industry will thrive and can help you earn good profits.

However, it will also increase competition, which means you need to use the E-commerce search software. Customers can find your goods and products much more effortlessly, and you will see a rise in your overall sales and conversion rate.