How Parental Controls Apps Can Help You Save Your kids From Catfishing

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To know what Catfishing literally means, have a look at the definition of this term. According to cyber experts, it is a person who creates the fake profile to attract kids in the cyber world. The word was initially associated with an aquatic creature but now has become an atrocious word for the parents carrying a number of dangers and demands extended parental care. 

Now comes the reasons of making fake profiles. People are creating false profiles online in order to trick others. Some use it to bully others, whereas others try to attract people for sextortion and romantic relation, etc.

Whatever the reason is, the trend of catfishing is on the boom. There are thousands of thousand cases reported. Recently, an American teen committed suicide after she learned that she fell in love with a fake account made by her best friend. This incidence reveals the earnestness of Catfishing and the adverse effects it poses over your kid.



You need to realize that teens do not want to let anyone hurt their ego and in their effort, they can harm themselves. After realizing the situation, what solution do you have to prevent your kid online? How can you know who your kid is friend with?

What relation do they share, etc. To know the answers to all these questions, you may think of using of employing the established ways of checking their phones, but remember that teens are even more tech savvy than you hence, they can easily outfox you.

You may require to go on their IDs and passwords, but what good will it serve? They might be using several other accounts and they can even refuse your request for the password.

So, why not act smart and monitor their online activities with parental control apps like FamilyTime.

Using the app you can:

  • Check the web browsing history of your kids to see the websites they visit along with the date and time stamps.
  • Check the URLs they have saved in the bookmarks and favorites of their browser
  • Look at the complete list of apps installed on their phones.
  • Check app details
  • View usage frequency to observe how much time they spend on a particular app.
  • Blacklist any app you find inappropriate.

With these features, you can monitor what your teens do on their social networking accounts and on the internet. Observe the time they spend on an app and if they use the web version of it, i.e. Facebook, find out what and as who they post through their web-history.



The app offers several other features too that are related to features like location tracking, Geo-fencing, Contacts Watchlisting, call log monitoring, SMS history tracking, SOS alerts, Speed limit, Screen time limits and much more.

To try all these features of FamilyTime – parental control app for free, download the 3 days trial version of the app for free now.

You can get the trial version from the app store on your phone say Google Play store or iTunes.


Have Control To Keep Them Safe:

Having control over kids can help you save your innocent kids. Make use of digital tools such as parental control apps and keep a watchful eye on your kids from a distance. Your one smart step can save you and your kid from a lot of hazards!