Top 5 Free Android Games You Should Play in 2021

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We all know that free Android games are not always fun but many of us have got various games for free that have made us addicted. Having is something that we can always rely on when we get bored. Therefore we all should have an idea about what and how to choose the best game. The definition for the best game should keep on differing from what we love. Also, most of the Freemium bottlenecks get impatient to know when the game comes out and when do them have access to it. Having access to all the best and top rated games becomes a task for all of us to go for.

What we have are the best and free Android games that you should be able to play comfortably and even without encouraging yourself in different areas of inspection. And if you wish to download free Android games with no in-app purchases, then follow the below given games.

5. Clash Royale:

One of the most downloaded and tip games if you love to strategize your plans. The game is launched by supercell and comes with various attractive features like

  • You can build up a strategy and a plan to cope up the war with the others.
  • You can easily build decks,
  • Square off the deck in one-on-one duels with other online opponents.
  • It is much built like the clash of clans but the combat lowers and the subplots set different and new parameters.
  • Challenge your clan mates for a loot and to make your clan stronger.
  • You can easily unlock new cards by unfolding the cards.

4. Pokémon Go:

It is free of cost and No matter whether you love this game or hate this game you will be a fan of this addiction.

  • You can explore various Pokémon in the real world around yourself
  • Take part in battles and gyms
  • Visit poke stop to collect super portions, portions, pokeballs
  • Win battles in a gym to have a good collection of poker coins.

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne & Asphalt Xtreme:

Whether it is any treasure hunt or a racing game you can easily up front this amazing racing game anytime you wish. Whether you head towards a journey, or you are getting bored at home all you need to do is just set yourself for the race course track.

The game is actually like an off-road style racer that comes with a

  • variety of tracks,
  • online multiplayer,
  • Various vehicles that build up the level.

Racing is an addiction and this game has become one of the most popular games among the other racing games.

4. Cut the Rope: Magic

  • This game is free of cost and effective to develop your mind skills.
  • You can enjoy having the fun time playing with the puzzles and enjoy involving yourself in strategies to cut down the rope and fulfill the task.
  • The basic mechanism is to solve the puzzles in a unique way so that you get to come across different new levels and power up transformations.

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