Reasons to Use Microsoft Teams Phones for Calling Feature

Planning to implement Microsoft teams phones in your organization? If yes, then you couldn’t have made a better decision. Teams phones system is the perfect replacement for traditional PBX as it provides a number of benefits without the need for complex and costly equipment.  On top of that, it allows users to receive, make, mute, or unmute calls effortlessly. With that being mentioned, why should you use teams for calling? Read on to find answers for that and more below:

Why Use Microsoft Teams Phones for Calling?

With the array of cheaper traditional PBX options available in the market right now, here are some reasons why it’s a wise decision to deploy the teams phone system for calling in your organization.


Integrates with a Wide Range of Devices


Well, as noted earlier, teams integrate with any PC, Mac or mobile devices. Therefore, there is no need to invest in costly or complex equipment. Also, the fact that it integrates with a variety of devices means your team can make or receive calls remotely using their own devices. As such, it’s incredibly beneficial to your business if you have staff whose roles require them to work while on the go. 


Easy Staff Onboarding Process


Another major reason to replace your on-premise PBX system with phones system for office 365 is that it is incredibly easy to get it up and running. If you already have an office 365 subscription, all you need to do is pick a calling plan you find ideal for your business, and you’re good to go.  

What’s more is that it’s also easy to get new users onboard. Why? Well, since Microsoft teams phones integrate with a variety of devices, no time or resources are spent training new users on how to use PBX related hardware as they can even use their own devices.  It’ll be especially easy for them to get on board if they’ve been actively using Microsoft’s solutions such as Skype for business or Microsoft outlook. 


Flexible Call Control Policies


Microsoft’s teams phones system comes with call control policies that are incredibly flexible. For instance, if you want to control your staff’s ability to forward calls to voicemail, all you need to do is initiate custom calling policies, select the staff you wish to apply this policy on and enable. 

Note, you can choose to impose these policies on everyone, or on a particular group of individuals in your organization. For instance, if you want to be in control of the private calls all your staff make, select the “always enabled” option when creating the policy. You can also choose to give them control over a particular calling feature by selecting the “user-controlled” option. 

Calling Plans Available 


Now that you know some of the perks of using teams phones in your organization, do you need a calling plan? Well, if you will only be making calls to other Skype for business or Microsoft team users, then you don’t need one as these are free. If you plan on using Teams phone system to make calls to regular phones, but you lack a PSTN, then you need to purchase a calling plan. You can opt for either of the options below:

  • A domestic plan
  • Domestic and international plan

The Teams Phone system is revolutionising the world of business. It boasts a string of innovative features that a traditional on-premise PBX system lacks. However, make sure you contact a reputable and proficient company to help you with Microsoft teams phones system integration so you can enjoy the full-fledged benefits. 


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