Value of your Domain

How to Calculate the Value of your Domain

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Having a domain allows your business to be out there in the faces of potential clients in the online space. As your online locator, it improves your brand visibility and makes finding you pretty easy.


However, in some cases, you may decide to sell off a domain you feel is wasting away due to non-usage. You may also want to buy a new domain for your business. In both instances, doing a domain appraisal would help you know the right amount to invest in or make from it, as the case may be.


If you are considering selling your domain, you must determine its value and decide if it looks like what people are willing to pay for. You must also consider if it possesses features that can withstand the competition among its likes while attracting enough traffic.


First, let’s discuss the metrics required to estimate the value of your domain.

Value of your Domain

Easy to Spell and Remember 


Sometimes, when people seek answers to their questions or needs online using a particular domain name they once heard of, they simply assume it’s as easy to spell as they have heard it. Anything asides that may be a barrier to reaching such an intended site. 


Think about these questions: Is your domain simple to spell? Is it easy to remember?

These are some of the things to ascertain and double-check.


Unique Domain Name


No one wants to get into trouble for copyright infringement. Your domain name has to be original and different from someone else’s to avoid legal actions. 


Here are some questions you might want to answer: Is your domain name original? Is it not a shadow of a competitor’s domain?

The Right Domain Extension

Usually, users assume that most domains should end in .com, making it the most popular top-level domain extension. However, other extensions also do well, depending on what the site is all about.


For example, domains with geographical, niche, and industry-specific extensions are also desirable.




How relatable is your domain name to your product or service? A domain name should give a hint as to what the site is all about. This helps to drive traffic to the site as it meets the user’s search intent better than just using a neutral name. Other features that determine if your domain is valuable are length, traffic, SEO-focused keyword usage, e. t. c.


Having identified the features that determine the value of your domain, let’s see how you can estimate its worth.


Calculating the Value of your Domain


While there are no straightforward formulas for calculating what the domain you intend to sell or buy should be worth, these practical steps should put you on the right track to have a range of prices and estimate its value.


Find the Prices of Comparable Domains

When you consider the prices of domains similar to yours that have been sold recently (with time being a factor), it gives you an idea of how much you should sell yours or how much you should purchase a new one. It also makes you see the features of the domains that attracted their values.


Thankfully, some sites publish this information, helping you see which domain was sold for how much, which makes the information easily accessible.

Find out How Much Buyers Are Willing to Pay for the Domain

This is one way to get feedback from potential buyers without selling your domain. All you need to do is to list it on a platform where potential buyers are found. The offers you get will give you an idea of how much they think it’s worth. You will get market-based pricing suggestions.

Get Automated Estimation 


While the first step mentioned may not give you a precise value, and the second one may not exactly match up with the real value, this automated estimation gives a more definite answer. All you have to do is enter the domain name, click the button for appraisal, and boom! You have the estimated value for your domain. Not only that, but it will also point out the metrics that contributed to the results displayed.

The goal of appraising a domain is to know how valuable it is. This prevents you from selling below its market value or buying more than it is worth. You should also know your domain metrics as they will attract sales. 


The three highlighted points above will also guide you to arrive at an estimated value for your domain.

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