Top 5 Horror Games To Play This 2021 Don’t Miss

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What makes a horror game great? Some would say it’s all in the mischievous characters lurking in the shadows or the blood and gore waiting for you in every corner. For others, it’s the hair-raising background music that just makes your heart pound harder by every second. Or maybe, it’s about the overall unfamiliarity that comes along with the sinister. 


But one thing’s for sure, all of these add up to the great appeal of the horror gaming genre. Many games throughout the years have mastered playing with these elements like Outlast and Dead by Deadlight with their gore, jumpscares, and breathtaking gameplay.


If you’re a horror junkie and looking for another exciting game to play, then you’re in the right spot! In this article, we’re listing down the best horror games you can play this year. So, let’s start. Dim the lights, get comfy and pay no mind to what’s creeping behind you.




What’s a better way to spend your night other than to enter an abandoned asylum that’s potentially filled with deranged patients, right? Outcast revolves around the Mount Massive Asylum, which you have to enter dead at night. With many intense jumpscares and trying your best not to be found by evil patients, every minute is made for panic and anxiety. 


As the cherry on top, you have to navigate your way out of this hell of asylum with only your camcorder’s infrared mode. Oh, by the way, your camera’s batteries only have little juice in them left. So, you have to carefully use them, all the while trying your best not to become the next 

prey of twisted entities in the asylum.


Dead by Daylight


If you’re a true horror junkie, then you probably know Jigsaw, Leatherface, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger, to name a few. Then, Dead by Daylight would be a delight for you because you can play as one of these famous Halloween characters and terrorize other players.

Dead by Daylight

It’s a tactical survival game where you can play either as a survivor or live your fantasies of becoming your favourite character. Either way, it’s a great game that demands quick thinking to help you escape or catch the remaining survivors.


Little Nightmares


If you think that horror only comes with grotesque scenes, gore, and blood, then Little Nightmares will change your mind. The whole game may look less intimidating than your usual horror games, but don’t let that fool you because Little Nightmares is an excellent spine-tingling game in its own right.

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares makes impressive use of closed spaces and eerie background music to set the entire mood of the game. You have to escape the vicious eyes of various antagonists like the Twin Chefs and The Janitor while solving puzzles and mazes.


Alien: Isolation


Years of terrifying kids and adults are enough to sell this horror game in the market. Alien: Isolation comes from the massive Alien franchise that solidified our collective fear against the infamous Xenomorph. 

Alien Isolation

The events of this game take place fifteen years after the 1979 film, but this time you take on the persona of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda Ripley. Amanda is sent to space only to find herself stuck with the same Xenomorph that her mother encountered years back.


The whole game has a tense vibe to it that you can hear your heartbeat. Without a doubt, Alien: Isolation is a top-tier game under the Alien franchise.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


Speaking of successful franchises, the Resident Evil franchise strongly scared us to bits with their latest entry, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Many fans have complained about the recent game releases under the Resident Evil franchise, saying that the stories and gameplays are becoming stale and boring. But Res 7 gave the franchise its much-needed rebirth.

Resident Evil 7

With a great storyline around The Bakers, nightmares are not the only thing you’ll get from this game. You’re also playing it in first-person gameplay, which makes it more frightening and nerve-wracking. If playing it normally isn’t enough, then terrify yourself even more by playing it through PlayStation’s VR.




Whether you’re a fan of gore or just want to wrack your brain with tactical survival games, we can all agree that playing horror games is highly enjoyable. And these games in this list will surely give you the adrenaline rush and sleepless nights.


We hope that this list helped you find the next horror game you’ll play. See you next time. Boo!

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