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In a digitally revolutionized generation like ours, every now and then we are dependent upon devices and applications to get our jobs done. Apps help us get our jobs done easily and 9 Apps is truly one of the best among all. With a wide range of features and different OS compatibility, 9 Apps make life a lot smoother. It is an app developed by popular online shopping site It supports all android devices of version 2.3 or more. With numerous games, apps, wallpapers and ringtones, 9Apps truly stands among the top contenders of best android apps. But it also has some limitations.

Let’s talk about the pros of the app first.

  • The app is free of cost. Yes, you heard that right! You can access numerous ringtones and a wide collection of wallpapers belonging to different genre absolutely free of cost. It supports
  • It supports an all android devices and ios devices. With more than half of the world population using android mobiles, 9 Apps reaches a wide audience base. You can also download many apps like
  • You can also download many apps like Flipkart, amazon and many other popular apps.
  • The main advantage of the app is that it filters out the most popular android apps and makes it way easier for the user to find their desired apps. Thus it saves a lot of time by helping us avoid many unwanted apps. 9Apps categorizes all apps,
  • 9Apps categorizes all apps, games and wallpapers which improve its search results.
  • You can download wallpapers in HD quality and many catchy ringtones from the app too. The download speed is really good and meets expectations.

Google Play Store also offers the same set of apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers. So what makes 9Apps so desirable? It is primarily the ability of the app to sort out the search items.

It has different categories of apps, games, wallpapers and ringtones and that is what makes its search results very apt and accurate. When things are good, people start questioning the quality of the app; whether it is safe and genuine or not.

9 Apps is a 100% genuine app that provides you with apps, games, wallpapers and ringtones of good quality. Downloads from the site are completely safe and virus free. No hidden malicious codes and viral items are present in any of its apps, games, wallpapers or ringtones.

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The app is of a mere 1.54 MB size so it won’t create storage issues in your mobile or tablet. The app recommendation in the application is very useful as it significantly reduces the search timings.

The list of recommendation gets updated daily keeping all the latest apps visible to the user. The list is updated by qualified programming personnel of 9Apps thus ensuring good search results.

Now talking about the cons of the app, the main demerit of 9Apps is that it does not offer direct links of download. While downloading many apps, it just directs you to the Google Play Store for further process. That is one of the major drawbacks of the app else it is really good. As per user reviews, the app has got many positive feedback and same goes from my side too.

9app review


The app has astounding UI making it easy to use. Overall the app is quite useful and user-friendly. Only if it provided the user with direct links for app downloads, the app would be considered as the best app and game search application in android.