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The Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes in 2022

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Cybercrime is a growing issue and one that affects businesses of all sizes. Cycbyercrimals are deploying more sophisticated cyberattacks than ever before, bypassing even the most modern security defences, which keeps cybersecurity providers and developers on their toes consistently.


Given how big a problem cyberattacks are – as well as how common they are –  it is vital that companies know how to protect themselves, as cyber attacks have the potential to destroy a business or cause significant damage – both in the public relations and financial sense. Not only can a breach ruin a business’s reputation and cause consumers to lose trust in it, but it can also lead to a company losing millions financially.


There are solutions for companies that wish to protect themselves from the clutches of cybercriminals, many of which are simple, consisting of easily avoidable mistakes. Still, you will find that companies often make the same mistakes when it comes to cybersecurity. These mistakes can make a business vulnerable to attack, so it is helpful to be aware of what they are and how they can be avoided. So, if you are worried about cybercrime, be sure to check out the rest of this article to ensure that you are not making any serious mistakes when it comes to protection. 


Not Keeping Operating System & Software Updated

cybersecurity mistakes 1

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is not keeping their operating system and software up to date. It can be very easy to delay updates when they pop up, but when you are constantly doing this, it means that your system and software are out of date and vulnerable to the latest cybercrimes. Therefore, it should be policy to update the system and software when prompted to ensure that you have the latest security patches and protection in place.


Using Old Network Models 


Conventional network models with single entry and exit points have an overly simplified design – yet many small and medium-sized businesses continue to use these basic encryption models. These old networks lack AV software, they are not easy to scale, and they also lack segmentation, all of which might render the company at risk of a cyberattack. 


Newer, modern networks and local ones are split by function, which makes them much easier to scale and much more reliable security-wise. Also, current network standards are based on virtualized WAN, zero-trust network access frameworks, and SASE, all of which make such remote networks significantly more resilient and less likely to suffer from high-level cyberattacks.


Using Easy To Guess Passwords


Another highly common mistake is using passwords that are easy to predict. Additionally, using the same passwords for multiple accounts and not changing these passwords are related mistakes. It is understandable when it can be hard to remember passwords (especially complex ones), but this makes it very easy for hackers. Instead, you need to make sure that employees use random, complex passwords and different passwords for different accounts that are changed regularly. You can use a password manager to manage these.


Not Using 2FA


Following this, you should also be using another layer of defense with the use of 2FA. Many businesses do not have this setup, which is creating vulnerabilities. While it might make logging on a little bit less straightforward, 2FA adds another level of protection and one that can make a huge difference when it comes to stopping hackers.


Considering Security At The End Of Development


When developing applications for your business, you should not make the common mistake of only consulting a security expert at the end. This can throw up issues right at the end of development, which can require you to undo a lot of your hard work. Instead, DevSecOps is the best option as this minimizes the chances of your final product having glaring security issues and gives you peace of mind knowing that the app is secure throughout development.


Not Using Cloud-Based IT Solutions


Software and IT solutions on-site enable businesses to keep a level of control; however, they demand in-house hardware, integration capabilities, software licenses, and IT teams working in-house to manage and operate this part of the business and resolve any issues. While some business owners may like having everything on the premises, it can be costly, but that’s not the biggies problem – the more pressing issue is cybersecurity. 


Cloud solutions are far more secure than on-site IT, given their level of modernity as well as the fact that they don’t involve physical hardware that could suffer from damage or loss. Unlike on-premises systems – which are less secure data-wise – cloud solutions don’t comprise physical or virtual components that have the potential to act as malware entry points. Overall, cloud computing provides stronger security and doesn’t demand users t continuously monitor and manage processes and security protocols – that job lies in the professional hands of the cloud computing provider.


With cloud computing for businesses, companies can also access IT resources that are located on the premises of the service provider, with the option of utilizing as much of it as they want at any time. Cloud computing is also scalable; companies can scale up or down their service, depending on their needs at any given time. 


Final Thoughts


These are some of the main mistakes that businesses make when it comes to cybersecurity, which could cost them hugely if measures are not put in place to mitigate the risks associated with these common errors. 


These days, you cannot afford to make mistakes with cybersecurity because cybercrime is rife and an issue affecting businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. It’s one of the most modern and biggest problems facing companies all around the world – and it’s big business for cybercriminals since they reap millions, if not billions, from their sophisticated cyber attacks each year. 


Given how important cyber security is in the modern day and how risky it is not to be covered from all angles, it’s crucial to ensure your business is on top of its digital security. With that in mind, if you are making any of the above errors, make sure that you address them immediately to improve your protection. In doing so, you could save your business from irreparable damage in the future.


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