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Cell Phone Signal Booster do they work in Rural Areas

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What is a Cell phone signal booster

A cell phone signal booster is an FCC and IC certified electronic equipment that improves existing cellular signals: 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. They pick up weak signals, boost/enhance it, and then rebroadcast with faster signal in your desired area. They are compatible to work with all cellular devices, be it, a Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet, hotspots, etc.

The idea of having smooth internet connectivity, better text or talk, and reliable network coverage is desirable by everyone and on that term, cell phones signal boosters are true bliss to humans in this modern world. Their purpose is to connect you with the world at ease. For instance, you may be having weak to good signal outside your home, but poor signal inside, then a cell phone signal boosters is all you need. It will help you improve your signal strength and network coverage.

Signal boosters are a growing niche market that have recently gained popularity over the past few years moving from rural areas to urban markets. But once and awhile, we often get queries like does cell phone signal booster work? And if they do, what about their use in less connectivity areas,

do cell phone boosters work in rural areas? These are the questions of people around the world to be ensured before they make a purchase for signal booster apps.

With this article, we seek to give an answer to your questions as to how your cell phone and signal booster apps work together and we will also make some best recommendations of such apps for you.

How does Cell phone signal boosters work?

What is the required cell phone signal booster for your home, vehicles, small or big office building, etc. depends on the signal strength outside your building. If you have weak outdoor signal (below -80 dBm), then you need to follow below listed recommendations to make the right choice of signal booster app. Let’s first understand the signal amplification process done by such app.

A cellular signal booster functions through amplifying the signal received from donor antenna that is usually installed outdoors to bring the signal inside of the premise. If the nearest cell tower is located farther away and the cell phone reception outdoors is weak, the coverage area of a particular booster will depend on the amplification (or gain) of the booster in use. This is often the case in remote and rural areas.

Now, considering the signal outdoor is weak, the signal booster app will require quite a lot of amplification to cover your entire area. The amplifier and the outdoor donor antenna are the two primary components from which this ‘gain’ of the app emerges. On the other hand directional antennas as the name suggests, provide you with higher gain by targeting signal reception in one direction. The outcome is that you get a stronger signal for your booster app to amplify and eventually a better coverage.

Note: In most of the case, signal boosters capacity are limited between 64 dB – 72 dB gain by the FCC, however, a single-carrier device can amplify signal by up to 100 dB.

Tips for buying a Cell Phone signal booster.

There are some buying tips we would like to suggest you before making a purchase of cell phone signal boosters. There are simply two things to be taken into consideration.

  1. Firstly, you need to look at the dB output capacity of the signal booster. This way you will easily get to know how powerful the amplifier is and if it is suitable to work in your area.
  2. Secondly, take note of the coverage of the signal booster. Normally, amplifiers can cover areas ranging between 500-7,000 square feet so try to buy those one that has more coverage, except when you are using the amplifier for a fixed location.

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Let us now have a look at our best recommendations of cell phone boosters, so that you can analyze the features beforehand as per your requirements.

  1. Cel-Fi GO X

Cel-Fi GO X is on top of our list because it is an excellent single carrier signal booster. This booster is actually more powerful than all the multi-carrier signal boosters. It’s key features are:

With its use, you don’t require another booster to change carriers down the line. You can easily switch the carrier that GO X boosts from your Smartphone, using an app.

It can be easily configured with varieties of antennas and cables to meet the signal demand in any situation.


  1. Hi-Boost Home 15K-


HiBoost Home 15K is the best solution for you if the signal outside your premise is strong. The noteworthy point of this booster is that it is cost-effective and yet delivers high quality performance and multiple features.

The great feature of HiBoost is that it offers 12 dBm of downlink output power that strengthens the coverage area of the system.

If you use multiple indoor antennas, you can cover up to 2,000 sq ft with better signal. It also features with LCD screen with visible signal strength.

3. SureCall Flare 3.0-

SureCall Flare 3.0 booster offers the best solution for all small to medium homes owners. It has directional outside antenna that works for weak outdoor signal to boost it and turn it into usable signal for your area. The key features of this booster are:

It is as powerful as multi-carrier booster option as the amplifier can boosts up to 72 dB.

The inside antenna and amplifier of SureCall Flare 3.0 are built into a single unit that needs to be located in the desired area.

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4. Wilson Pro 70 Plus

Wilson Pro 70 Plus is among the best selling, powerful and strongest cell phone signal booster, suitable for medium to large homes. If you are looking to boost multiple carriers at once, then you are at the right end of your bargain. Some of its brilliant features are:

This booster provides the largest possible coverage area in your house or building and has the potential to handle a stronger existing outside cell signal and turn it into more coverage inside.

It features with lightning arrestor kit to aid protection against static electric surges and also comes with 3 year warranty period.

5. WeBoost Installed Home Complete:

The answer to your question, do cell phone boosters work in rural areas is here now. WeBoost Installed Home Complete is our best recommended solution for users in remote or rural areas to always remain connected. The key features of this booster are:

It can reach cell towers up to 26% and also has the ability to target cell towers from any location that is why considered as best fit for rural areas.

It can significantly boost the signal and enhances cell coverage for an entire rural home.

6. weBoost Home Multiroom:

The weBoost Home Multiroom is the most basic yet a standard signal booster of the weBoost line. It is certainly feasible and under budget range option for users from rural areas. This is the best product to enhance your signal even in weak signal rural areas. The key features are:

It comes with outdoor yagi antenna and indoor panel antenna configuration, with stylish fabric front.

It works for all phone and carriers and is also 5G ready. It comes with complete kit (all parts included) and don’t charge monthly fees.

7. WilsonPro 1100:

This booster is an ideal solution for the prime concern of users, do signal booster apps work? WilsonPro 1100 provides professionally designed system with enhanced signal that is best fit for large homes.

The booster can handle any type of outdoor signal environment and can adequately cover the entire house area.

It comes with a lightning protector and a color LCD display helpful in easy installation and troubleshooting.

Benefits of Cell Phone signal boosters

  • You won’t have to face the problem of dropped calls and missed texts
  • You will have larger signal range with less dependence on WiFi for internet connection
  • You will get enhanced data speed and improved voice quality on any carrier
  • You will enjoy longer battery life on cellular devices and of course peace of mind with a reliable cell signal

Concluding Remarks

To be concluded, does cell phone signal booster work or not, our answer is yes they do. As long as there is some signal outside your area of need, these signal boosters play a huge role in multiplying that signal up to 32 times to serve you with powerful cellular network inside your home, building, vehicles and offices. Though their effectiveness of functioning depends both on the quality of the gadget and condition of your area.

But it is an undeniable fact that there are certain signal boosters available in the market that simply don’t function as advertised, and this where some users may fell prey on. Thereby, we have made list of above-mentioned 7 cellular phone signal boosters that genuinely work and are ideal solution for you. You just have to make sure that there is enough signal outside to make them work.

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