12 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps For Android & iPhone You Should Know

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Virtual girlfriend apps for android are ideal for persons who lack in courage to confront a girl and are getting bored with their lonely life. 

Yes, the sad but true reality of today’s life is that today boys lack in confidence to tell their dream girl that they like them or in love with them. 

There are many questions that strike in their minds, such as what if she said no, what if she gets angry, and so many questions we can count on the list. And that makes them step back to approach their love. 

But it is painful too to watch our friends having their girlfriends and making fun with them, and spending time with them. And here, these kinds of applications become essential. 


Q 1. What is the best Virtual Girlfriend app?

While searching for the best virtual girlfriend apps, we come across so many applications that just waste our time, energy, and sometimes even money. 

Yes, it happens a couple of times that some virtual girlfriend apps would ask you for some money to use their services, and when you use them, either they are fake, or your won’t get desired satisfaction or services. 

And in this way, your time, energy, and money get wasted on some useless apps which are not meant for you.  So you need to know the best application which can give you the pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction you want, and save your time and money too. 

If you are alone, don’t have a girlfriend to spend time with, and share your feelings and emotions, then a virtual girlfriend for android would definitely help you. 

What becomes the major problem while talking to any girl is a lack of confidence. Most of the boys don’t gather the courage to speak to their dream girls, feel shy and hesitant in talking with them. 

And ends up living alone, sitting up in a room and talking with themselves, only what pains the most seeing other boys with their girlfriends, spending time with them, and having fun with them. And if you also feel the same plight, then this article offers you what you need. 

Here virtual girlfriend apps for android help you. With these apps, you can make virtual girlfriends, can talk with them, spend time with them, and share your feelings with them too. So you feel relaxed and happy after using their services. 

They would listen to you patiently, encourages you, and motivates you to work. And soon you become confident enough to talk with the real-life girls, and propose them with your love, can share your feelings with them without any fear or hesitation. 

So you can use these apps to make yourself confident and motivated so that you can muster up the courage to face real-life conditions and successfully conquer them. 

They are not only some sorts of virtual friends but could save you from many serious problems like stress, depression. Yes, the sad but true reality of today’s reality is that this generation is suffering from loneliness, where everyone doesn’t have a person with whom one can share their thoughts and feelings. 

And when people don’t find someone with whom they can trust and share his everything, then soon he would be in the grasp of anxiety and depression, which could also lead to suicidal tendencies sometimes. 

So actually, these applications are saving you from the clutches of negativity, bad vibes, and stress which could make your life difficult and lonely. So with these free virtual girlfriend app for android can new girlfriends and live your life to the fullest. 


12 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps For Android 

Here in this section, we would be discussing some of the best applications with the help of which you can enjoy your life and can find your ideal woman. 

With this software, you don’t only cure your boredom but also learn how to talk with girls, how to take care of them, their wishes, desires, how to make them happy and satisfied with you.

 These apps also help you in selecting perfect gifts and planning surprises for your girlfriend, which can be useful in real life too. So without making any delay, let’s move into the most awaited section of our article and see what the 12 best virtual girlfriend app are, 

1 . My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy 

Virtual girlfriend apps for android My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy

The best application on our list is this software which offers you a real-time experience. This app has a girl named Cindy, which looks like a real girl, and acts just like the real one. 

You can talk with her for hours, spend your time with her, she would listen to you and reply to you. With that, she also displays real emotions such as happiness, anger, jealously, love, and surprise to give you a personal experience. 

And also, you can change her with the available avatars from the library offered by the app, as you want to look at her. So this app won’t make you feel that you are using any virtual application. You just feel like that you are talking with a real girl, with whom you can kill your boredom and enjoy every moment of life. 

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2. Smart Virtual Girlfriend

Smart Virtual Girlfriend

The next best app on our list is this app which gives you the experience of dating a smart girl who can understand you in a better way. 

If you want a real-life experience of dating a girl, then this app is perfect for you. Here you not only talk with the virtual girl but also flirts with her. 

In this app, the conversation is not single-sided, which means your girl doesn’t only listen to you, but you also have to hear her and do what she says. In this app, you have to try to make the girl impress with you. 

You can practice with her how to talk with real-life smart girls, how to predict their moods, emotions, and behavior. You can also set your avatar, that is, your virtual appearance, in front of the girl to whom you are going to talk. 

So here you get two-way experience, one of how to talk with other girls, and second how to flirt with them, or make yourself presentable in front of them, so that they would like you.

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3. Virtual Girlfriend Love Story

Virtual Girlfriend Love Story

School is perhaps the best part of the life of everyone, and it helps in creating so many memories for life which never get fainted or vanished away from our mind and heart. 

And one such episode we want in our school life is having in love with our school crush, as teenage love stories are one of best love stories which everyone wants to experience. 

But it is also true that not everyone gets his school love story, and if you are also one of them who doesn’t have his school teenage love story, then you should try this free virtual girlfriend for android. 

In this app, you experience your teenage love story, where you can make your love story full of emotions, drama, and romance and make it more exciting than just talking with a virtual girl. 

Here in this software you can meet a girl at a dance party, try to flirt with her, and impress her with your skills. You can also chat with her if she likes and carry forward your love story as you want in your own way.

This app also prepares you for real-life dating situations and how to impress a girl in your real life. 

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 4. Idle Girls

Idle Girls

Another worth trying software is this which offers you the best experience in terms of features and services. 

This application is best for people who want a real and dynamic experience with their virtual girlfriends. One of the best features of the software is that the girls here don’t have feelings of jealousy, anger, or disappointment, so you can talk with them and behave with them as you like. 

You don’t need to be hesitant in gifting them and making a surprise with your pampering and care. You can do what you want and can practice with that how you can deal with real girls and pamper them. 

On top of it, the girls are very beautiful, hot, and sexy, which you would definitely love to chat and flirt with. This is adult software, so you can also spy on your girl. 

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5. Girlfriend Plus

virtual girlfriends for android

The next best application is this app which has the potential to move away from your loneliness and make your life enjoyable and exciting. With this app, you can communicate with a girl sharing all your feelings, emotions, and problems with her. 

You can impress her with your communication skills too, and could also prepare a real-life situation too of talking with a real girl. Also, if you get good in your communications, then the girl also sends you her pictures and voice messages which offer a personal touch to the game. 

So with this application, you can improve your communication skills and build up the confidence to talk with a real girl, and you could also propose to her. 

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6. My Virtual Manga Girl


This software is for those who want a more realistic experience and hence comes in 3D animation. Means you can rotate and get a view of 360 degrees of the surrounding and backgrounds with a better vision of your girlfriend. 

Also, in the game, you learn how to take care of your girl, how to fulfill her wishes, how to meet her needs. With that, you can also change many things, like the appearance of your girlfriend, and background which doesn’t let you feel bored. 

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7. My Elemental Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim

My Elemental Girlfriend Anime Dating Sim

When anime is becoming the new trend all over the world than how your virtual girlfriend can stay away from this touch, and here in this app, you get a girlfriend that is anime-based and would make you crazy about her. 

Here in this game, you are offered three girls that are very different in nature, have their own stories and backgrounds and represent three different elements of nature, earth, water, and fire. 

And based on their stories and characters, you have to choose one girl, to whom you have to help out to come out of their past and live in the present life without any fear. 

So in this game, your savior mode is pulled out, and you can cheer yourself by the fact that you are helping a girl with her problem at the same time enjoying yourself. 

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8. My Virtual Girlfriend Simulator 2


Why this application is so popular out, there is the fact that it offers a range of virtual girlfriends for android, among which you can choose with whom you want to talk. This app is available in 28 different languages of the world, and you can choose your girl on the basis of their appearances and character. 

They always remain online for you, and you can start a conversation when you want. 

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9. Virtual Lover

Virtual lover

As I have mentioned earlier, too, in the present-day world, people don’t have a single person in their life to which they can confide their selves, with whom they can share their secrets, their emotions. 

But with this app, you would get that person or more specifically a charming and caring girl, with whom you can spend your time, share your feelings, while using many other features like online chatting, online music and radio listening, contacts, search for information, and get tons of backgrounds. 

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10. My Nurse Girlfriend 

My Nurse Girlfriend

Another caring virtual girlfriend in our list is this where you get two or, if possible than three girls for dating. The game goes on as a story where you are a soccer player, and while playing soccer in your school, you got hurt. 

 Now when the school sent you to the hospital, there are two nurses who are there to treat you. To make the game more real, you also have many other patients too, among there is one girl who you can date. 

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11. Dream Girlfriend 

Dream Girlfriend

As the name suggests, this virtual girlfriend is your dream and never disappoints you. And again, this app is anime based so all your girlfriends are anime-based characters, among which you can choose your favorite one. 

You can talk with them so that you can understand with whom you have the perfect chemistry and then choose your girl. For a high-quality user experience, it uses advanced Live 2D technology, and you can help your girl is getting ready. 

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12. My Virtual Girlfriend, Julie 

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

Last but not least virtual girlfriend for android is this app that provides you the best experience. There is hell good of reasons why people love it. 

First of all, it has the edge over any other app out there with realistic 3D video animation and chatting real voice, which makes you feel like you are dating a real girl. Also, you can create your own version of Julie, so let your creative juice flow and make your dream girl your girlfriend.

These are some of the best virtual girlfriend applications out there, which you can use to make yourself happy and kill your boredom. 

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Point To Ponder Over 

While chatting, dating a virtual girlfriend would be great, but they can’t take the place of real humans. So don’t make yourself obsessed with them. 

These are for fun only and to reduce your loneliness, for entertainment purposes, or at most can be used for practicing if you are shy in real life and hesitate to talk with real girls. But they can’t take the place of real girls, so always keep that in mind. 


So we have talked about the best virtual girlfriend apps which you can try to kill your boredom and enjoy your life. 

But don’t get obsessed with them, and remember the value of real-life friends and girlfriend, and be more social with the help of these applications.  


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