Top Apps To Land Your Dream Job in 2021 Try 2 One !

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Job hunting can be strenuous and time-consuming, so spending your search time judiciously is the way.  While there are many tips and advice on streamlining the job search process, using mobile apps is the most workable solution.  Apart from saving time, job apps also scale your chances of finding your dream job. Based on job seeker’s recommendations,

land your dream job

Here are the top 10 apps anyone looking for jobs should know. 


1. Career builder 


Career builders have been around for the past 20 years helping job seekers land their ideal job. 


The app comes with features that ease the job search process. Customize your search based on location, job type, working mode (part/full time), and more. You can also create a profile and upload your resume for easy application. 


You can save multiple job posts, which can be applied for later. 

2. Dice Career


Dice career designed a professional job app where HRs and job seekers connect. 

In addition to a simple job search process, users are also alerted of the latest jobs. 


The app has different research features for users to access certain information before applying for a job. For example, the salary prediction tool estimates the potential salary for specific years of experience and education. 


Also, Dice Career leaves users with tips and advice on various career goals and how to define them


3. Glassdoor 


Glassdoor provides access to thousands of daily job listings at zero cost. 


The glassdoor review section is where past employees discuss their experiences working with a particular company. This review helps potential customers decide whether working with the company/organization is a good idea. 


Users can also follow their favorite companies for updates on new developments or future job opportunities. 


4. Goods $ Co


Goods $ Co takes a personalized job search approach. The app designed a short quiz for users to answer. The resulting answer determines the job listing on the next page. 

The quizzes help shed more light on your skill sets and where it’s best suited. 

Goods $ Co is not your typical job search app – users are directed to different job listing outlets based on quiz results. 


5. Indeed 


You probably must have seen the indeed job search official website. 

The app features every listing on its official website. 

Get access o a pool of job listings filtered based on job title, location, and salary range. 

Indeed features thousands of online job listings scrapped from company websites, job boards, and classified ads. 

The app uses your iPhone’s GPS technology to find your city-specific jobs. 


6. LinkedIn Job search 


Employed (or underemployed) peeps looking for jobs have less time on their desk. 

That’s where the LinkedIn job search app comes to the rescue. 

The app streamlines the hunting process by providing job listings based on recommendations and the user’s search history. 

Furthermore, if you’re trying to statistically learn about your chances of getting hired, upgrade to the premium version at a measly $2.99/month. 


7. Monster Job Search 


Simply put, download the app, set up your profile, swipe to the right, and explore a wide variety of updated job listings. 

Filter your search based on job titles, location, and salary range. 


8. Planted 


Planted combines users’ activities and in-app activities to display the perfect job listings. 

Planted leaves users with several tips and advice such as top skills employers look for in employees


9. Way Up


Graduates and college students on the hunt for internship positions should download the Way Up app. 

The job search app saves users the time spent sifting through irrelevant job listings by categorizing job searches based on the “career” option. Filter your job search based on location, industry, and position. 


10. Ziprecruiter


Ziprecruiter scout for jobs on popular job boards and list them on the app for job hunters to navigate through. Filter your job search based on title, keyword, and location. 




The use of mobile apps is becoming mainstream in the job hunting sector. 

Whether you’re a fresh graduate looking for a job or you’re currently employed but planning to transition into a new job, it’s best to research which of the apps might fit your needs. 

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