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How To Recover Mac Deleted Files From The Emptied Trash

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Loss of data is very disturbing. Often people delete their data unintentionally and then the problem raises and your important data loss. EaseUS Data Recovery is the software by which you can backup your deleted data, no matter what device are you using and it works on which operating system.

If you accidentally lose your data then don’t get worried, trust me the software I am telling is very fabulous and easily backup your data in very easy steps. This software is trusted by a lot of people. This software is also useful for Mac users.


Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Here are some of the best features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which are very attractive and fascinating which are enough to encourage you to use this software. This is the best software I had ever seen, which recovers all the data from your Mac software.

Recover Mac Deleted

  • Data recovery from accidental loss of data. It is very helpful even if you have lost or changed your window or operating system.
  • You are now able to recover your data also from external storages like Pen Drive, Hard Disk, USB, Camera, Zip Drive, Floppy Disk and any other device you want to use. You have to just simply connect it to your device and proceed simply.
  • It is even helpful if you unknowingly deleted the data from your Recycle bin. And get 50% off on your subscription.
  • It also supports all types of hard disks even if they are small or large no matters. Now they also support disks which are not-512 bytes. The not-512 bytes disks are advanced types of disks which are mostly used for enhancement in the speed.
  • It is faster to use. It has an inbuilt technology which automatically enhances speed by selecting only required data rather than selecting virus and malware.


  • You will get instant activation as soon as you install and purchase one of your desired packages. You have not to download it again and again. Also, there is no case of fraud against EaseUS Data Recovery software.
  • Best user-friendly interface which is easier and smoother in use. You have not to worry about any type of complication.
  • Recovers deleted files Mac on your device.
  • It is helpful in recovering files such as images, emails, videos, photos, pdf’s, apps, or any other useful documents.
  • You are able to recover all data from your drive even if it is crashed too. As I told you this is the best software you had ever seen.


  • It is more flexible as it supports two languages for their users namely the foremost English and German.
  • It also supports mainly all types of the window such as XP/Vista/2012/2003/2008 R2 SP1/ 8/ 7 SP1/10.
  • It is more convenient to use to recovery specifies the type of file for recovery. So that user can immediately know about the required data is present or not in the Drive.


  • It also shows the user the recovered files in the form of pictures and thumbnails so that users can be sure and immediately recognise his/her file.
  • It also has a special property which will make you more eager to use this software. The property is that it can even resume the data which you recovered last time. The best thing is that you don’t have to wait for more at a time. You have now the option to recover the required data you want.
  • Also, you just have to click right to the file which you want to recover. The required file just opened. And you can ensure your file.
  • By the use of this software, you have the option to compress your files to. This property helps you to manage the space in your device.

How To Recover Your Deleted Data:

There are three main steps to recover your data. Just follow these steps and you will be able to get all your required files.


You have to just Download EaseUS Data Recovery software. You can directly download the app for your Apple device by just clicking on the given link. If you are not able to open it directly then you just copy it and paste it in your browser like Google Chrome.


You don’t need to worry about the virus because it is very safe to use. It will not hurt your files and never cause any damage to your drive.

Step 2

Click the recovering file disk and click on the scan to start scanning the files. You will see an interface where you see scanning of files.

Step 3

Once all the drive is scanned. Check out for your files which you want to recover for quality. You just have to click on your file, choose the option “Recover Now” and your file is saved to your device or on the cloud.




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