How To Listen Music Online without Opening Youtube With Streamus Chrome Extension

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Today I will tell you about the STREAMES chrome extension through which we can paly any audio from youtube video without downloading any video. This is wonderful Google Chrome extension that makes streaming YouTube refreshingly easy.

Streamus offer 4 Popular Feature:

Forget the bookmarks. No more bookmarks for your favorite songs with streamus access music from anywhere. No need for tabs. Streamus runs behind the scenes so you can enjoy a seamless, tab-free experience. Discover new music. Turn on Stream Radio and listen any songs direct from youtube. Streamus turns YouTube into the music play. Share everything Sharing is possible with single click

Meet with the founder of Sean Anderson

founder of streamus

How to Play music on Youtube without Youtube.

Step 1. Download the Streamus Download Now.

Step 2. Click the Extension and Select the Streamus.

Listen Music Online

Step 3. Search the video you want to play.

Listen Music Online

Step 4. Final Add to your Playlist.

Listen Music Online without Opening Youtube

Final Step. Play Your Songs and Start Dancing.

Listen Music Online

Complete Video Guide on listening to music free online