GarageBand 5 Features that will Blow your Mind

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Apple’s iOS is known to have very creative features and applications in comparison to other mobile platforms. Once again, Apple made it very clear by releasing Garageband 2.1 for iOS. And this time Apple has rolled out some very amazing features with Garageband 2.1 which are being loved by music makers.

This newest version of Garageband now includes recording controls, new automation features and a very simple yet smooth Equalizer.


We must tell you that these are just the small additions we are talking about. The main aim of this post is to introduce with the features of Garageband, which are mind-blowing, and as the post title states ‘ 5 Garageband features that will blow your mind’. Sit back, relax and get your mind ready to be blown when you have a look at the countdown of Garageband’s top 5 features.

5) Drummer

The Drummer feature was previously introduced by Apple in LogicPro X and Garageband 10 for Mac but now it is also available on iOS devices. Drummer lets musicians create sounds very similar to that of a human drummer. In addition to this, Drummer in Garageband 2.1 includes up to 9 EDM as well as acoustic session drummers.

4) AU Compatibility

Garageband 2.1 for iOS lets its users use third party audio units as virtual instruments. Once you find and install an audio unit app, it will show up as an Audio Unit option in Garageband automatically. Once the audio units show up in the form of virtual instruments, you can use them in the standard tracking mode or the live loops mode.

3) Multitrack Recording

Multitrack Recording is another amazing feature added to Garageband 2.1 for iOS devices. With this feature, you can record up to 32 tracks at one time. Yes, you heard it! 32 tracks at a time. We know that this features can be used with some other apps but there is no matching the stability and options supported by Garageband.

2) 3D Touch

3D Touch is being termed as the bonus feature in Garageband 2.1 by iOS users. You can now get a lot out of the basic keyboard by changing the filter settings and what not. 3D Touch shortens the amount of time it takes to create a song when compared to time taken to create a song in previous versions of Garageband.

1) Live Loops

Live Loops is without doubt the best addition in the new Garageband app. With this feature, users can play looped instruments and samples as it offers large grid and users tap cells and columns.

It lets you drag, drop, arrange and even record live loops as the name suggests. Another good thing is that Garageband keeps the beat in a sync itself.



These were some of the major and most noticeable features of Garageband. Garageband for iOS can be bought at a mere $5 in the App Store.


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