How to Recover Data from Quick Formatted hard drive

Best Solutions for Data Recovery from Formatted Hard Drive

In today’s time, data loss is one of the most painstaking situations we can have. This problem gets even bigger if an organization has lost its data. 

While there are many factors that can lead to data loss but there are not many ways in which lost data can be retrieved. 

If you are looking for data recovery from formatted hard drive then you have landed on the right page. Here you will get to know about one of the best solutions for retrieving lost data, Stellar Data Recovery Free Editions.  

How to Recover Data from Quick Formatted hard drive


Stellar Data Recovery Free Editions is an amazing solution for retrieving lost data. Whether you have accidentally deleted your files or your hard disk crashed this wonderful tool can retrieve data from any kind of data loss. 

This software program is completely compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android platforms. That makes it perfect for desktops and mobile phones. 

What makes this data retrieving tool different from others is its universal usage. It can be used to retrieve data from memory cards, servers, mobiles, laptops, desktops, flash drives, and other kinds of external storage options. 



This superb software application has become the top choice of businesses and consumers because of the services and features it offers to them. 

  • It Is User Friendly 

What its users like the most about it are that it is very easy and simple to use. It has a streamlined interference and easy-to-navigate dashboard that makes even the newbie work smoothly. 

Regardless of the platform, and type of storage within just three steps, you can retrieve your lost files whether they are documents, images, videos, pdf, Word documents or excel files. 

To get started you only need to install the application and with it, you will user manual and wizard. After installing it starts working itself and scans the files that can be retrieved. 

Before saving any file you can preview it and if it is important then you can save that file. Thus within three steps, you can retrieve your lost files. 

  •  Wide File Coverage 

With this app, you can retrieve any kind of file and data. It supports PHP files, ZIP, HTML, RAR, MS office documents, videos, and picture file formats. Not only that but it also recovers audio libraries, email files, PowerPoint decks, and other such files. 

  • Recovery Of Data From All Kinds Of Loss

There are many ways in which your precious data can be lost. It can be a corrupted volume or a formatted media or a BitLocker encrypted drive you can recover your data from all major kinds of data loss. 

  • Tools For Businesses 

For organizations, it has many features to offer. Using this application a company can’t only recover its data but also erase it. 

There are many conditions in which due to privacy compliances it is required to erase data permanently. So using this app companies can erase their data from drives, mobiles, and other platforms as well. 

It comes with database and file repair, email repair and converter, a special toolkit, and forensic features. So it lets the businesses handle their data-related issues easily and efficiently. 

  • Tools For Individuals 

As in modern times, individuals are also concerned about their data this software has come up with various features for individual users too. It helps individuals to recover their data from their Windows and Mac devices. 

And it can also help in retrieving photos, and videos and their repairing. For iPhone users, it has a separate set of tools for data recovery. 

So it doesn’t matter what platform you use or what device you are using with the help of this software program you can recover any sort of data with ease and all these include in the free plan. 


Pricing Plans

You know what is more mind-blowing, that offers all these features completely free. So if you want to recover your data, erase data or repair any file then you don’t have to spend a single penny on it.

However, with all these features it also has tons of premium features for which you have to upgrade your plan. 

So let’s have a look at its premium pricing plan, 

  • With premium, professional, and other paid plans you can retrieve your data from a deleted or missing partition. It supports exFAT, FAT16, NTFS, and FAT32 formatted partitions. 
  • Also, you can recover your files from a crashed system. 
  • By recovering various sorts of data through its paid versions you can repair your corrupt video files and images. 
  • Some paid plans allow you to recover data from broken or failed RAID virtual disks. 
  • With its Toolkit plan you can retrieve files from Mac and Linux drives including ext2, HFS, ext3, HFS+, and ext4 file systems. 
  • Also, it can recover data from VDI, VMDK, VHDX, and VHD files. 
  • With its paid plans you can recover data from 4K hard drives that usually store files in a large-sized sector. 
  • Overall it is the best data recovery tool where you will get dual monitor support so that you can multitask at the same time. 

Hence it has many robust tools in its paid versions that are perfect for those users who are looking for advanced data retrieving solutions. 


Why It Is The Best 

Well, the answer to this question is very straightforward. This excellent tool is best for businesses and consumers. 

It can be used anytime from anywhere and offers multi-device usage. This is compatible with all major platforms. 

And with that, it not only helps in retrieving data but also in repairing corrupt image and video files. Whether you have deleted data accidentally or lost it due to a hard disk crash it is capable of recovering files in any condition. 

Also, it offers data privacy where users can erase data across various devices and platforms. As a cherry on the cake, it offers many important features in its free plan. 

That means for most of the services you don’t even need to pay and if you want to use more advanced options then it provides paid plans too. 

For the new folks, it has a streamlined and straightforward user interface that helps in smooth functioning. With its deep scan, it can retrieve any sort of data within a few minutes. 

All in all, it is a one-stop destination for all your data recovery needs. Whether you want to recover formatted hard drive or any other external storage device it helps you with all. 


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