Read About Father Of Computer :Charles Babbage

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The thought of originating the concept of the programmable computer came in the mind of a Great personality of our history which changes our lives “Charles Babbage” known to be Father of the computer, He was good in mathematics, philosophy, inventory and mechanical engineering.

Father Of Computer

Charles Babbage Education Background

  • He was born in House of Benjamin Babbage on St.Stephan day at 44 Crosby Row, Walworth Road on Dec. 26, 1791; at London.
  • Benjamin Babbage worked as a banking partner of parades, in 1808;
  • Charles’ family arrived in East Teignmouth in old Rowden’s house.
  • Around the age of 8 years, Charles suffered from a dangerous fever,
  • he joined private teaching for a period. Later in Totnes, South Devon he joined a Grammar School.


Babbage arrived at Trinity College, Cambridge in October 1810. In 1812 he makes an Analytical society with J.Herschel, G.Peacock, and other friends. In 1812 Babbage transferred to Cambridge Peter-house, and then in 1814 ,He received an honors degree.

He got married to Georgiana Whitmore, Devon, In St. Michael’s Church in Teignmouth. The married couple started living in Marylebone in London and founded a large family with eight Childs.

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Babbage Single eye Charles could see double vision and he remedy it through looking into a small hole in a card or paper
He hated music so that so many people hate them

The Squeeze

Misfortune squeezes him, from his Eight Childs only three survived to adulthood. Due to some tragedy, Charles’ father died, his wife and some of his sons all died. Due to death of his wife he spent most of his time traveling


His biggest accomplishment is an analytical engine.This engine is consists of one store and mill. The modern computer’s CPU, analog to the mill, executed the operations on values retrieved from memory which we would consider the store.


Charles died, at the age of 79, on 18 October 1871; he was buried in London’s Kensal Green Cemetery.In 1983 the autopsy report for Charles Babbage was discovered and later published by his great-great-grandson.

It was the first general-computer of the world. In 1824 Babbage won the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society “for his invention of an engine for calculating mathematical and astronomical tables”. Charles Babbage also achieved notable results in cryptography

  • Babbage’s name was written on a crater of a moon.
  • Half of Charles’s brain is preserved at the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.
  • The other half of Babbage’s brain is on display in the Science Museum, London


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