Founder of MakeMyTrip Deep Kalra Man Behind Ur Trip & Hotel Booking

Gone are the days when our Indian families took months to plan their trips and had to wait for a lot of time to get the tickets booked up.But today internet had removed this obstacle and made our lives easier. A big credit for this goes to the intelligent and the hardworking man. Read about Founder of MakeMyTrip is Deep Kalra who create Hotel and Plain reservation system into next level.

Founder of MakeMyTrip deep kalra

Deep Kalra who is the founder of the famous online travel company Let’s know more him and pay a tribute for his outstanding contribution to our society.

The Bumpy Road To Success

  • It took him more than 8 years to discover what he really aspired for and wanted to do in his life.
  • He did his bachelors from the St. Stephens College, Delhi in the year 1987 in Economics
  • and then earned the MBA degree from IIM- A.
  • Even after studying from one of the best institutions of the world Deep didn’t proceed with this career and finally
  • worked in the ABN Amro Bank for about three years before he realized his main goal in the life.
  • He decided to quit his job and took a break.
  • This break taught him the best lesson of life which inspired him to develop something beneficial for others.
  • Thus he came up with the idea of the online travel company and founded the renowned travel company, MakeMyTrip.


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The Big Entrepreneur

Being one of the most successful and experienced entrepreneurs Deep Kalra believes that there is an entrepreneur in everyone who can take risks and succeed with them. He says that meeting

Sanjeev Bhikchandani and Ajit Balakrishnan was the turning point of his life. Their presence inspired him a lot and thus was motivated to start his own business. He also believes that one should have persevered and highly determined to reach his goals in life and must never ever think of giving up.

Also, he must be confident, possess leadership qualities and must also have team spirit trusting and motivating his team members to do better. These qualities must be there in an entrepreneur. According to him one must not run after fame and name and must believe in the power of hard work and honesty.

Thus if you are thinking of starting your own business then do it for the best reason and it is advised to research well before jumping to this field.



The Final Destination

  • This man has won many awards in and out of the country and stands as the present youth icon in the world. His company has made more it to flourish in the market.
  • He believes in the magic of hard work and advice the youth to research and discover the opportunities before starting any new business or project.
  • Today he is a well-known personality who succeeded in his dreams of launching a travel portal to benefit the people around him.

Founder of MakeMyTrip deep kalra
This article was a tribute to this awesome person and the hard-working soul who did a commendable and impeccable work and contributed a lot to the society.


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