Inventor Of Computer Mouse Douglas Engelbart

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What would we do if there was no mouse to use? Have you ever thought? Confused? Well don’t be as here we are talking not about the tiny little animal but about the invincible part of the computer – The Mouse.
Mouse is that part of computer which has made it able for the common people to use the computer as earlier it was only the scientists who had the capability of using it. However, do you know who made this wonderful invention? Well, it was made by the famous inventor Douglas Engelbart and in this post we will touch some interesting facts about the creator.

A leap of faith


Inventor Douglas Engelbart was an important member in the Ames Research center in NASA but in the 1950’s he decided to quit his “Steady job”. Why, as he wanted to do something which will be of betterment for the human kind. He chose the field of computers for doing so. Not only mouse but he also invented several other computer related application without which the modern computer world wouldn’t exist. That is why he is referred to as the maestro in the field of human-computer interaction.

Inventor Of Computer Mouse

Why we call it mouse?


Have you ever wondered why this part computer is referred to as the mouse? Well when inventor Douglas Engelbart was working on the first prototype of the mouse then he noticed something.
He noticed that as the mouse has a tail, quite in a similar manner the wire common out of the prototype electronic device also has the same look.That is when he decided to name it as mouse.


The Wooden Wonder

    • How did the first mouse look like? Well no wonder it was not sleek and designer as today’s.
    • But, do you know that when inventor Douglas Engelbart invented the first mouse then it was made of wood. Yes, heard it right!
    • The first mouse invented was carved out of wood and instead of the ball at the bottom two tiny wheels were used to track the motion. Also, there was a tiny little button of red color

The award

    • The contribution that is made by Douglas Engelbart in enhancing the human computer interaction is undeniable.
    • Each time we use a mouse it is his creative mind we are paying respect to.
    • To show the same respect he was awarded with the Lemelson-MIT prize in the year 1997.
    • This is the most prestigious prize that anyone can achieve in the field of invention and innovation.
    • The price money was that of $500, 000. Not only price but in the year 1998 he was also initiated in the famous National Inventors Hall of fame.
The organization to help

Douglas Engelbart not only believed in making this world a better place for human kind but he also worked for it in a practical manner. That is the reason he founded the Doug Engelbart Institute. This is a nonprofit institute which works for the betterment of the humankind. Whenever there is any complex problem on a global scale then the dedicated members of this institution are always there to solve that out.