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Discover the latest in Swiss fashion with our curated list of the Best Swiss Fashion Blogs and Websites. From high-end luxury to emerging designers, explore the best fashion content and trends in Switzerland. Stay up-to-date with the latest fashion news, reviews, and style inspiration from the top Swiss fashion bloggers and websites.

Looking for the top Swiss fashion and style bloggers to follow? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the 20 best bloggers in Switzerland, and we’ve even included their email addresses and social media accounts. Stay up-to-date with the latest fashion and style trends by following these top influencers today!

sandra bauknecht


Sandra's Closet is a Swiss-based luxury fashion and lifestyle blog founded in 2009 by Sandra Bauknecht. The blog features a mix of fashion news, runway reviews, personal style posts, and interviews with industry insiders. With over 270k followers on Instagram, Sandra's Closet is a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts.


2. is a travel blog that provides insightful destination guides, travel tips, and photography from around the world.



Kayture is an award-winning fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog founded by Kristina Bazan in 2011, with over 2.3 million Instagram followers.



Xenia Tchoumi's official website features her portfolio, blog, and information on her public speaking engagements, fashion and lifestyle content, and advocacy for female empowerment.

her etiqutte


Her Etiquette is a fashion and lifestyle blog founded by Nina Schwichtenberg, featuring content on fashion, beauty, travel, and food. Nina also shares her thoughts on sustainability in fashion and provides tips for a more conscious lifestyle. Her Etiquette has gained a significant following, making it a popular destination for fashion enthusiasts and lifestyle seekers alike.



FunkyForty is a lifestyle blog founded by Yvonne, a Swiss-based fashion and lifestyle blogger. The blog focuses on fashion, beauty, and travel, offering tips and inspiration for women over 40. It also features interviews with fashion designers and industry insiders. The site has a strong social media presence and is updated regularly with new content.


7. is the official website of Nissi Mendes, a Swiss model, and fashion influencer. The website showcases Nissi's portfolio and blog, featuring her personal style, beauty tips, and travel experiences. Nissi has also collaborated with several fashion and beauty brands, which are featured on her website.



Furiously Chic is a Swiss-based fashion and lifestyle blog founded by Stephanie. The blog covers fashion trends, beauty tips, travel, and lifestyle topics. It features high-quality photography and engaging writing that appeals to a wide range of readers. Stephanie is known for her impeccable sense of style and her ability to create inspiring content. Furiously Chic has a strong social media presence and is updated regularly with new posts.



Dresscape is a Swiss-based fashion and lifestyle blog founded by Claire and Nicolas. The blog focuses on fashion, travel, and food, featuring stunning photography and engaging writing. The site is known for its stylish aesthetic and creative content, which appeals to fashion-conscious readers. Dresscape has a strong social media presence and is regularly updated with new posts. The site also offers fashion consulting services for individuals and brands.

tiphaine marie


Tiphaine Marie is a French-based fashion and lifestyle blogger known for her minimalist style and chic aesthetic. Her blog features outfit inspiration, beauty tips, travel stories, and lifestyle topics. Tiphaine has collaborated with various fashion and beauty brands, and her site has a strong social media presence. She is also known for her YouTube channel, where she shares vlogs, travel videos, and fashion content with her followers.


11. is a lifestyle and fashion blog founded by Nathalie Kemna. The blog features content on fashion, beauty, travel, and food, as well as parenting and lifestyle topics. Nathalie shares her personal experiences and tips for achieving a balanced and fulfilling life. The blog has gained a significant following, making it a popular destination for lifestyle enthusiasts.

sistersfrom another mother


Sisters from Another Mother" is a multicultural online store that celebrates diversity through handmade artisanal goods. From vibrant jewelry to unique home decor, discover a world of beauty and creativity from talented artisans around the globe

miranda says


Discover the wit and wisdom of "Miranda Says" - a blog that explores the joys and challenges of life through the lens of a witty and insightful writer. From hilarious anecdotes to heartfelt musings, this is a must-read destination for anyone who loves to be entertained and inspired.



"Monika Buser" is a world-renowned artist whose mesmerizing and abstract artwork has captivated audiences around the world. From stunning paintings to breathtaking sculptures, explore a universe of beauty and imagination through Monika's masterful creations.

a gentlemanworld


"" is the ultimate destination for the modern gentleman. Discover a world of style, sophistication, and savoir-vivre through our expertly curated articles, reviews, and guides. From fashion and travel to food and drink, elevate your lifestyle and become the ultimate gentleman with us.

strawberriesnchampagne 1


"Strawberriesnchampagne" is a luxurious lifestyle blog that celebrates the finer things in life. Indulge in the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and travel, and discover the art of living well with our expert tips and insights. From champagne to strawberries, we've got your cravings covered.

tiphaine marie 1


Step into the world of fashion and beauty with "Tiphaine Marie". Discover the latest trends and styles from a fashion influencer who inspires thousands. With a focus on sustainable fashion and lifestyle choices, get inspired to live a life full of beauty and authenticity with Tiphaine Marie.



"Design Switzerland" is the ultimate hub for all things design in Switzerland. From architecture to fashion, discover the most innovative and creative designers, brands, and events shaping the Swiss design scene. Join the conversation and explore the beauty of Swiss design with us.



Indulge your passion for food and travel with "mykugelhopf". From mouth-watering recipes to insider travel tips, explore the world through the lens of a foodie and travel enthusiast. Join the culinary journey and let "mykugelhopf" be your guide to the world's most delicious destinations.



Join the revolution for a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry with "Fashion Revolution Switzerland". Discover the latest trends in sustainable fashion and learn about the impact of your choices on the planet and people. Be part of the change and make a difference with "Fashion Revolution Switzerland".