World First AI Powered & Noise Cancelation xFyro Earbuds

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Do you know that in this online and modern era, what is an essential part of your work mode, workout mode, and chilling mode? Yes, you are right, it is no other than your earphone or earbuds. 

Now the ages are bygone when you have to be string around your phone or laptop to listen to songs and answer calls through your earphones and headphone. Today is the era of earbuds which are a more convenient way of controlling music and answering phone calls.  

With earbuds, you can control your phone even if you are not connected with it through some wires. That is what a true wireless earbud does, it frees you from being bound to your device. 

But do you know that what modern earbuds are offering to their users? If not, then you are right place where you will get complete information about such an incredible earbud ‘xFyro AI-Powered Noise Cancelation Pro True Wireless Earbuds.’ 

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xFyro ANC Overview 

What do you expect from a modern earbud? I guess nice connectivity, cool features, AI-powered smartness, best sound, noise cancellation, touch sensors, and better control on your phone even without touching. 

Now don’t be surprised if I say these earbuds offer you all. Yes, you hear it right xFyro earbuds come with all these features, which are absent in all other earbud models. 

Here you have Bluetooth connectivity with phones of all versions, active noise cancellation, easy control, simple to adjust the sound quality, and touch sensors. It is the first AI-powered earbuds that have been launched to date. 

Just right after opening the box, you will get a case for earbuds, USB Type – C cable, earbuds, and 3 silicon tips of different sizes so you can choose what comfortably fits your ears. 

And that is why these earbuds are specially designed to fit your ears and provide comfort at the same time. With comfortability, they are good in features too and offer what you need from modern earbuds. 

They are water-resistant and dust resistant, so you don’t need to worry about the rain, pool party, or anything else. Just wear your style and nail it. 

And that is why I liked it so much that I love using it for my office, running, and gym workout sessions. I even go with them for parties and gatherings so that I will be keep updated and never wears off my style. 

xFyro ANC earbud

xFyro ANC Design 

Now coming on the design of earbuds, the set got a new and stylish design that can steal the limelight. Wherever you go with these earbuds, they will always match your style and personality. 

The design seems minimalistic and easy to handle. The earbud set comes in matt black colour that gives elegance to it.

 They are made of superior quality plastic, and you can’t find any rubberized material on the earbuds. And that is why there are so light weighted that it feels like nothing is there. 

At the backside, you have touch sensors by using which you can change the track or song, pause and play track, lower or higher volume, and also activate active noise cancellation during a phone call and also deactivate it whenever you want. 

Also, at the back with touch sensors, you have an LED indicator that responds to several instances, such as ready to pair or connected. And what makes it smart is the mic that senses the noise around and then on its owns activates the ANC so that you can enjoy your music seamlessly. 

At the bottom of the earbuds, you will find magnetic conductors for charging and with right and left labels on the earbuds so that you will not confuse. 

The charging case is simple yet elegant comes in matt black color. The case has one button, USB Type – C port, and LED indicator when the earbuds charge. 

So overall, design is a hit and ready to match your personality and outfit regardless of your age, gender and purpose. 

It’s this black color that just mesmerized me and made me a fan of it. I personally like the LED indicators that keep me updated about the connectivity and charging status. 


xFyro ANC AI-Powered Controls 

Here comes the centre of attraction of our earbuds that are AI-powered control features. As mentioned earlier, they are the first earbuds to be powered by artificial intelligence. 

The controls are touch-enabled, so with even touch, you can control your phone calls and music. With your touch, you can answer and end your calls, make a callback, control volume, play, and pause tracks. 

To make you amazing, you can also connect your earbuds with Google Assistant, Siri, and Apple Homekit. So you can ask questions from them, make them send messages to phone calls, access the web, or control your smart home devices. 

I have tried all these sensors and controls very well and find them quite efficient. I have connected the earbuds with my smart home appliances and Google Assistant, and they are very fast and work well. 

Isn’t it brilliant, well that is why it is the first choice of mine and for those who want to make their life simple, easy, handy, convenient, and moreover smart and cool? And as it is a smart tool so after some time of use, it understands your mood and adjusts the music volume and noise on its own. 


xFyro ANC Setup 

Setting up your earbuds is super easy and fast. All you need to do is to unbox your earbuds, then charge them. Although at first charging will take time but thereafter, it will be quick. 

Once it is fully charged, you can pair your earbuds with your phone and smart home devices by Bluetooth. After it is connected to Bluetooth, you can use it without any break for 10 hours. 

So your earbuds will go on a single charge to 10 hours, and you can get more than 90 hours if you place your earbuds in the case. Also, to help you LED indicators are there, which indicates different batter statuses and whether your earbuds are fully charged or not. 


xFyro ANC Performance 

xFyro ANC features

Talking about the performance of the earbuds, they are excellent in sound quality. First of all, they are light in weight which saves your ears from any weight and nicely fits your ear. 

For the sound quality, you have the best sound quality ever, and with the intelligence that it has, it best serves your musical taste. What here I feel to share is the fact that these earbuds have a loop against strong wind. 

And that makes sense because these earbuds are designed to filter all the unnecessary sounds, not completely banning them. So I can hear the car horns or someone shouting for me.

And that is why I call these earbuds smart because if they never let any noise pass on through them, then also they will let the important voices pass on so that we can be safe on roads. 

I find all the touch sensors and controls every sensitive. When I tap one time, then I can control the music, and with one tap, I can increase and decrease the volume. And I need to tap 2 times to answer and end the call. 

Here I like to share that you have to be careful while tapping the earbuds. At first, I have tapped the earbuds carelessly, and they have got my actions all wrong. 

Which first seems frustrating but as soon I become habitual of it, there is nothing having touch sensors for controlling my earbuds, phone, and smart home appliances. 

Because of their long battery life, I like them the most. Whether I am travelling or running and working out in the gym, neither they will stop nor my spirit. 


xFyro ANC Cost 

These superb earbuds are very affordable and fit exactly the price range they offer. They generally cost $299, but in a sale on the official website, you can get them for $150 only, which is just half of the actual price. 

When I compared other earbuds, I found them very expensive and even low in features. Whether the earbuds are very expensive and have smart features or they are cheap and low in features. 

So I find them perfect in terms of budget and features and, without having a second thought, ordered them. 

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Final Words 

While we have the best earbuds ever, then why wait and miss the opportunity. I only advise my readers to hurry and grab this offer before it ends and order these outstanding earbuds to make your life more convenient, smart, and cool. 


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