Win iPhone 5S with Your Broken Phone Story

If you are just going to take a new iPhone 5S home, you will be happy to see this post. Now you can tell people your broken phone story and win a new iPhone 5S, enter the contest here

broken iphone story

How to enter

    • 1)Login with your Facebook or Twitter account on the upper right of the contest page.
broken iphone story
    • 2)Click the button “Enter contest” and then enter your email address and location.
broken iphone story
    • 3)Choose the category that you want to tell your broken phone story via text, meme, or video. You can shoot a video by yourself and upload, or paste the Youtube video URL. And then submit.
    • 4) Open your own entry and copy your entry’s link and share with your friends.
broken iphone story
    • Rules see the screenshot below:
broken iphone story
    • Prizes see the screenshots below:
broken iphone story

If you plan to sell your old iPhone and change a new phone, you can check where to sell your iPhone here:

You can do this if you already have broken iPhone:

    • 1. Check if it is Under Warranty
    • 2. Make Use of AppleCare
    • 3. Go to Apple Genius Bar
    • 4. Check iPhone Insurance
    • 5.Get Local Store to Repair Your Broken iPhone

If you have water damaged iPhone, you can try the tips by yourself in the article:

If you have broken parts of iPhone, you can fix them by yourself using the tips in this article: