Transfer Contacts from One Phone to Another Quickly With Wondershare

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Upgrading your Smartphone is a good decision but have you ever considered the pain and time it takes to transfer all your data into the new one? You should be able to transfer pictures, messages, videos, applications, call logs, and hundreds of contacts to your new mobile,which may take a hell lot of time and it is a very crappy thing to do.

If there is a disconnection between the phones while you doing the transfer then you must start again, which is very time taking. The other thing is transferring data from one phone to other over Bluetooth, infrared and USB takes a lot of unnecessary time. But you are saved now, as the Wondershare MobileTrans is going to do all this heavy work in just minutes without any lags or breaks.

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The installation process and setting up devices for transfer takes like 3 minutes, once done you are ready to do all the transfer you want. No matter what kind of OS you have in your mobile phones, the app will do this task like a breeze. With the help of MobileTrans you can transfer data from

  • 1.Android to Android
  • 2.Android to iOS
  • 3.iOS to Android
  • 4.Symbian to Android
  • 5.Android to Symbian
  • 6.iOS to Symbian
  • 7.Symbian to iOS
Transfer Contacts from One Phone to Another

The interface and easy-to-use features provided in the app will make your work a lot easier and if you are in doubt, you can always follow the steps that the app will take you through while doing the task. Things like enabling USB debugging mode are detailed out correctly according to the OS version.

The application will transfer contacts, messages, Call logs, Applications, photos, music, videos and other files between any two Android phones. But you must note that apps can be transferred only between two compatible devices and the application is actually good at blocking the incompatible transfers, which saves you a lot of time too.

Transfer Contacts from One Phone to Another


Depending on the amount of transfer you want to make

the app will take its time. For example, I transferred 12000 text messages from a Symbian phone to iPhone and it took few minutes. When I tried to transfer 1400 photos it took a few more minutes, but I believe the speed depends on your computer specs like RAM and processor speed.From one iPhone to another you can transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos and music; and between android devices you can transfer almost everything you wanted even call logs and different apps.

I really feel like wondershare is doing wonders in developing applications that are so useful and makes our tasks so much easier. The good thing is these applications by Wondershare are affordable and the applications itself are very user-friendly and lightweight. It is only for 39.95$. It is the best choice for all the family members. It is one single application that can serve all the family members with different phone devices.



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