How To Place Photo in Google Search using Authorship



Google always come with new idea’s which is really help For us.Here is the new Tool:They introduce the Authorship in search result which mean now you can can see the picture of author along with there search result page.

I think this will help the Google search to categories the content in accurate manner like what is belong to which author.Now content originality is identify in more deeply.Authorship will increase the visitor flow of Google plus

How your picture look in Google search



    • It can be done using two simple way Choose any one

Verify Using Your Email Address

If you have the email address which is similar to your domain name like ([email protected])then a verification mail send to your email you have to verify it.And almost done …..

Link Here For Verify Authorship

Verify Using Content

in this way you have link all your content address to your Google plus profile page or URL of content.Suppose you have write an article or guest post so only you have to add the address of post to G Plus page in contributor section

    • Make Google plus Account if don’t have
    • Click on the profile section and edit the link
how to verify authorship
    • now You have to place your Google plus address after the [HEAD] Section in your website or blog
    • Replace with Your google plus address [a href=’′ rel=’author’]


Setup Your Authorship if you face any problem then Please Comment below


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