Youngest Ceo in The World- Suhas Gopinath

Suhas Gopinath is the youngest CEO who has been able to achieve name and fame at a very early age of his life. When we talk about entrepreneurship, specifically in the area of information and technology the first name that catches our mind is of this great personality who is a youth icon today.

Thousands of people from all across the world are inspired by Suhas Gopinath. He has made our country proud to possess such a talented Indian. Let’s learn more about this talented and brilliant boy who had brought laurels to the country

A peep to Suhas Gopinath early life

    • This great achiever was born in Bangalore on November 4th, 1986. Right from his early childhood he was a serious and responsible person.
    • He was known for his high spirits of never giving up and trying hard to succeed.
    • He did his schooling from the Air Force school in Bangalore.

Youngest Ceo

  • His father was known to be one of the renowned scientists working for the Indian army.
  • He had a keen interest in computers and struggled a lot to learn about them and finally astonished the world with his knowledge and success.
  • He is known to have launched a website at an early age of 16 and also incorporated his company the very same year, later becoming the Uttar Pradesh youngest CEO ever.

Beginning of a new life and destination

It will astonish you to know that this genius started his own company just after he completed his 9th class. he name of the company was Global Inc and later named it Global.

Youngest Ceo

He was successful in registering his company in US and it took him just 15 minutes to do so. His friend, an American university student was the board member.It was that day when he promised himself to start his company as big as Microsoft.


Age and qualifications are immaterial

Suhas Gopinath proved to the world that age and qualifications are not the real criterion of testing the ability of a person and must not be a crucial or mandatory step in the overall selection process.

He has attained a good number of accolades from the time he thought of starting his own company. He was awarded the Karnatakas Rajyotsava award.

Youngest Ceo
He received his young achiever award at the European Parliament in the year 2007.Also, he was respectfully invited to represent the world’s bank’s ICT leadership roundtable.Last but not the least he is known to have achieved the Young Global Leader title in the year 2008-2009, presented to him by the world economic forum.


His dream company

He has always wished for creating a company that would be as large as Microsoft and also be the one to recruit more youngsters than the elder ones. He dreams of a company that will be a market leader in the software solutions and would concentrate on education. He has been working for his passion so far and believes in never giving up his spirit.

Thus we must learn from this well determined and passionate person who has always been known to follow his dreams and working hard to achieve them.


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