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Top 11 Best Kodi Addons 2017 For LIve TV , Window, Mac, Android, IOS


Free media player software application Kodi is well known for its smooth online streaming. It is a multi-platform home theater PC application which allows the user to view almost anything and everything streaming on the internet. You can easily view videos, podcasts, music online and different digital files from local and other storage media. The software is customizable as per the user’s choice. It allows a wide range of plug-ins and you can even change the theme or skin of the software. Previously Kodi went by the name XBMC. It works on a wide range of operating systems like Windows, Android, IOS, Linux and OSX. With the Best Kodi Addons 2017, you can extend the features of the open source media player.

Free Movie Apps For Android & IOS – 12 Best List of 2017


Gone are those days when people used to regret not going to the movie theater to watch their favorite movies. Now a days people prefer to watch the movies at home on their PCs and phones. People have switched over to watching movies on phone as it is quite convenient. Movie lovers often look for free movie apps for android phones online so that they can watch the latest movies through online streaming.

Check out 10 Best Free Malware Removal 2017 – Antivirus Software


You know how things can get out of hand while using the internet without antivirus installed in your device. There are a lot many people around the globe who are interested in hacking into your system to get hold of your sensitive information. Hackers can get access to your social media accounts, mail Ids, passwords saved in your PC/ mobile etc. Just thinking of how they might misuse this information must be giving you goosebumps. It is advisable to use Antivirus in all the devices through which you can access the internet. Apart from making your personal info public, viruses and malware diminish your device performance to a great extent. We have assimilated a list of some of the best free malware removal apps of the year 2017 right here.