Namotel Achhe Din Price in India at 99 Rupee Only Flipkart

Cheaper mobiles with latest features are what most people desire to have. After all the excitement about the Freedom 251 died when it turned out to be a hoax, people have stopped expecting unbelievably cheap handsets. But Namotel has now come up with a mobile which will cost a mere Rs 99. Yes guys, you read that right! Sources say that the Namotel Achhe Din price in India will be Rs 99.

Just as the name of the mobile suggests, Namotel will bring ‘Achhe Din’ into our lives by launching this phone. At a mere price of just Rs 99 the phone will offer a wide range of features.

Namotel Achhe Din

Let’s have a look at what the Namotel Achhe Din features are:

  • It is dual SIM enabled.
  • It will have a 1 GB RAM and 4 GB internal memory
  • Namotel Achhe Din will feature 2 MP primary camera and 0.3 MP Secondary camera.
  • It will run on Android V5 OS
  • The handset will be powered by 1325 mAh battery.
  • The phone’s screen size is going to be 4 inches and the resolution will be 720 X 1280 pixels.
  • A 3.5 mm headphone jack will be provided with the handset

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Namotel Achhe Din Price


What makes Namotel Achhe Din worth the price?

  • Everything! Namotel Achhe Din price is way too low for a mobile and in addition to such an astonishingly low price you get a wide range of features too.
  • Cheaper the mobile, slower its processor. But that’s not the case for Namotel Achhe Din. The phone offers a 1 GB RAM which is good enough.
  • It has a capacitive and responsive touchscreen. Now which other touch screen mobile can you find at such a low price?
  • The camera even has a flash! Front camera also supports video calling.
  • The display screen resolution is 367 ppi which is impressive considering the negligible price of the phone. With a 720 X 1280 resolution, Namotel Achhe Din will feature sharp images and a crystal clear screen.
  • It is dual SIM enabled. People often prefer to keep one mobile number as their private number and another as their official number. Namotel Achhe Din will be a blessing for them as at a negligible price of Rs 99 the phone also offers dual SIM.
  • The phone is 3G enabled too.

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Namotel Achhe Din Price

Namotel Achhe Din price in India is way too low for people to believe. At a meager price of Rs 99, the phone has a lot to offer. Though there are not many drawbacks of the phone considering it is priced way below our expectations still let’s have a look at why people might not prefer it:


  • The phone has a very poor quality camera. The images taken from the front camera might appear pixelated as it is a VGA camera.
  • The phone has a 4 GB internal memory and it cannot be expanded. This might pull most buyers out as 4 GB internal space might get used up in the system settings only.


What Namotel Achhe Din is offering at a price of Rs 99, no other brand can ever think of doing so. So grab your own ‘Achhe Din’ by booking it on various online mobile retailing sites.