Larry Ellison:Richest Man in the World Till Now

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Time never waits to make people successful,It just redefines one’s calibre and handwork.The same happened to the most wealthiest person in the world,Larry Ellison.Still shinning under the name of big firm Oracle corporation,this man led a long journey through all the surfaces to beat and announce his victories standing on the edge.His actions were clear and cutting the scope of all hurdles he managed to play the trumph of success.

From Larry’s personal desk

    • The great man was born in the Bronx (New York)being the child of an unmarried woman,his infancy was bit miserable due to illness.
    • But the childhood commenced in a two bed room apartment.He was raised by a couple in Chicago as when his father was in real estate business.
    • He did his high school from South shore high school.
    • Even the childhood stories display the character of rebellion in him.
    • Dropped out of college after adopted mother died.
    • The belief of his father,who always thought that larry will not be able to make up the aimed career,was proved wrong after the succession of many fortunate victories in softwares.

Through the course of study and work

    • Good mathematical and scientific skills portrays good aptitude.
    • He was graduated in January 1958 ,from Eugene Field Elementary School in Chicago Also got admitted to Sullivan High School (only for fall).
    • The university of Illinois was also left after few months.
    • Started cracking the twists and turn off software making from the University of Chicago.
    • The lessons of software making were then utilized in Berkeley, California and he managed to gather enough money for basic needs.
    • His programmer’s desk was strengthened more when he worked at Amdahl Corporation and his big name was contributed in bringing out the first mainframe system which was IBM-compatible.
    • Founded his own company with two other men from former work,in 1977-Software Development Labs.
    • Oracle corporation was founded with few employees.


    • In 1990,for the first time the company fell off the edge and felt lost.It was accounted that their market capitalization was fell by 80 percent, and leading on verge of bankruptcy.
    • With the release of Oracle 7,in 1992, the market was again witnessing the heavy spark of leaders in softwares(database management software).
    • All through 1990s Oracle was shinning like a star.From America’s banks, automobile companies ,to airlines and retail giants,It was all oracle databases handling their fortunes.
    • He was not only a pioneer among other business people,but he was next to someone who could never get defeated.

From Larry’s achievements

    • he was once declared science student of the year during his study in university of Illinosis.
    • Tuned the idea of a research paper into the lively project and build a relational database management system (RDBMS) which was aimed for CIA and Thereafter named it as ORACLE.
    • IBM itself casted the new product,for mainframe systems.
    • Some of his acquisition were PeopleSoft,Siebel Systems,Sun Microsystems

Things to go crazy for

    • As far as relaxation is concerned,he always like to invest time in Sea sailing.It give him immense pleasure to go off limits to discover who he is,away from the crazy light of desk.
    • He love to occupy himself with the thoughts of abstract as well as real cars.His premises are seen to be the lovely grouds for cars like Audi R8,McLaren F1,Acura NSX,Lexus LFA.
    • Most outdoor activities Body surfing and Mountain climbing.
    • Aerobatics.

Noble gesture

The big stream of success flows out even to cause of need.It was his noble gesture,when he donated $445 million to support research on aging and other age-related diseases to his medical foundation . His Famous words to capture your attention..” “Act confident even if YOU ARE Not!