Hoverwatch – Most Useful Android Mobile Phone Tracking Application

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Technology has created the world full of possibilities. As your possibilities are growing, the person who has negative intentions can is able to carry out the evil activities more. Hoverwatch is a tracking app that lets you understand the status of your loved one, by simply tracking their phone and this way. You can easily understand if they are in trouble. This app by Refog Inc., whose best-known app is the Refog Monitor App, provides you with a sense of security and lets you sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your loved ones are safe.

Why Should Hoverwatch Be Used?

As already mentioned, it’s a security app. If you want to secure your kids or any other person from the clutches of bad technology, this app is for you. It is as if you are with that loved one all the time, protecting him or her with the help of technology. Also, there are times when you might have to track an employee working under you because you feel he or she is not performing his or her duty properly. Hover Watch lets you track the necessary information that would make you understand the employee’s behaviour in the office and whether he is being used in the productivity of your company. Also, every parent wants to protect their child. With the help of Hover Watch, you can track your child’s activities and understand whether she is under any bad influence or whether she is taking her studies seriously, or sitting with the phone when you are at work.

Remarkable Features of the App –

Hoverwatch tracker has a lot of facilities which would be interesting enough for you to download it. They are –

  • Hover Watch lets you track the incoming or outgoing calls of a phone, the duration of the calls, and to top it all, the incoming and outgoing messages that have been done with the phone.
  • Location tracking is also a brilliant feature of this application. The location of the cell phone you are tracking would be known to you if you use this application.
  • The social networking sites are also covered. This application helps you track the activities done by the cell phone is Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Hike. The photos or audios sent can also be retrieved by the one tracking the device, anytime.
  • If somebody steals your own phone, Hover Watch helps you locate that person through the front camera mode. It can retrieve all the pictures of the stolen phone, hence you’ve got the thief arrested in no time if you have Hover Watch.


Steps Required to Download Hoverwatch 


  • Android Tracker from Hoverwatch must be downloaded in your phone at first. If you are unable to do that, simply copy the appearing link and paste it on the targeted cell phone.
  • After the installation, you have to Sign Up with your Email Id. For better tracking, select the best option from the set of options that will arrive soon. If you want to track your kid’s computer, then the option you choose must be the kid’s computer. Same way, it’s up to you to choose the targeted device.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • It is done. You can track your targeted cell phone now.
  • After this, any time you open the application again, you have to press the update button and the app would show you all the activities of the targeted cell phone.

Visit the website www.hoverwatch.com, for any further update. This application is trustworthy and would not leak your private information or the target’s private information. Hoverwatch is a blessing if you use it properly and for your loved one’s betterment.