Founder of Wipro A Real Tech King Azim Premji

When Indian is accounted for winning big laurels in the world, this name got printed on the solid stone of rock. These words are going to portray, a man behind the scene for creating history with success. Azim Premji, the CEO of WIPRO, is one of brilliant mind from the Indian market. He runs one of the largest software firms in India. Forbes declared him as the richest man in the country within duration from 1999 to 2005.He has also been awarded as ‘Tech king’ of the country. you can read about Founder of Wipro in detail.

Early life of Founder of Wipro

    • He was born on July 24th,1945, in Mumbai. His father, MH Hasham Premji did work related to the Western India Products.
    • The company uses to deliver products from hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats.
    • He did his schooling from St. Mary’s School(I.C.S.E.) at Mazagaon in Mumbai.
    • Due to some unavoidable circumstances, at the age of 21, He left his studies from Stanford in electrical science.
    • His sure purpose was to handle the family business after his father died in 1966.
    • He eventually completed his studies through correspondence.

Start of work with WIPRO

    • WIPRO , the company which started the work under the name, Western India Vegetable Products Ltd, and it was started by M.H Premji.
    • The company worked to deliver and manufacture vegetable ghee, vegetable oil, and laundry soap.
    • In 1996, after the demise of his father, he worked a lot to expand and diversify the range owned by WIPRO.
    • The new business propagated to the world through fluid power, soaps, lighting, toiletries and baby care products. Thus, with all this, the company expanded.
Founder of Wipro

From vegetable servicing to IT servicing

The rise of technology in the late seventies made the another rise for the big firm to get established. There, the business in IT sector was started by WIPRO in 1980.He made the company WIPRO to reach the top ratings in the country. He invested his skill and intelligence in the providing the global IT services and IT subsidiary.The excellence from WIPRO’S technology divisions and global R&D usage.
    • There was a tremendous growth from the side of Azim Premji in bringing the company to the limelight.
    • He achieved the position of the second richest man in India.
    • He made his ideas worked through time and he converted a company dealing with vegetable oils to a next generation software boom.
    • He is also responsible for starting out a not-for-profit organization which contributes primary education to bring in the country sense of equality and improves the literacy rate.

The guiding light of his philosophies

Now after years of hard work, he shares with other aspirants his story of success. He contributes that one must always begin to focus on his/her own strengths.He also valued the power of earning over anything in the world. Even if that money is less. It is not always winning which is an end of the show.

Sometimes failures are necessary to bring the right corner of success to us. He also believed that excellence is not achieved over weeks or months, rather it is continuous effort over year.

Everyone must try to compete with himself on this journey. He ended the theory of life with the fact that always believe in yourself, no matter how hard it is to overcome hurdles in life, it is always necessary to stand by your words.