8 Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media

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Thanks to smartphones technology today, we have access to the Internet pretty much every second of the day. On an average a person is spending more than 1 hour surfing through social media pages every day. This brings so much scope for any blogger to spread his wings and become a hit by just using a few systematic steps every day. We have worked with a few content writing services providers and have listed 8 of the best tips for using your social media account to boost up some traffic on your blog


  1. Create An Active Twitter Account

Every social media biggie can be found promoting his content on this network. You will have 140 characters to fill up with a witty line that can reflect your blog niche and attract few sets of eyes to your blog.

  1. Create A Facebook

This additional subscription page will not only attract your friends and followers but will also attract more viewers’ one people start sharing them with each other. Make sure to regularly share yours blog update post quotes and images on this page, to keep the people interested. You will find a page for every content writing company on Facebook.

  1. Be Regular With Your Content

Creating an account is a simple task while maintaining it can be a challenge, so ensure that you are ready to take up this task. Every content writing agency post at least one article on their blog on a daily basis. This will ensure that you are able to deliver a different kind of content to your audience.

  1. Take Help From Fellow Bloggers

Use your goodwill in the market, and take advantage of these contacts to advertise your blog on other people’s websites and blogs. You can collaborate or motivate their work. You also pay or take a favor from fellow bloggers by asking them to promote you page and vice versa.

Boost Your Blog Traffic

  1. Add Social Sharing Tools On Your Blog

Download Flare today, and allow your blog or website to a sharing option for all the leading websites from Gmail to Facebook on your blog. This will help in your promotion as you audience will be able to share your content easily.

  1. Get Active On Social Commenting Tools

Use commenting tools like Disqus and IntenseDebate to create an engaging experience with your audience. This is an important tool used by Real Estate copywriters they want to engage with an audience who can be their potential client.

  1. Use Catchy Headlines That Attract More Readers

Get smart with your content; present your content in an interesting way. The headline can play a vital role in bringing you new audience, so ensure to keep them catchy short and witty.

  1. Invest In Compelling Content

Go beyond your limits and try to write content that is better than most average blogs. Try to bring a different perspective to a viral topic or content, which is not being touched by anyone. Most content writing services always advise bloggers to bring something different to the table.


Use these tips and we guarantee you will have an extra zero behind your page views by the end of this month. Social media is a boon for advertising so better use it to your advantage.

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