15 Best Doodles of Google 2013 Did You See It @@

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While using Google you must be tempted with the various Google doodles that keep on changing from occasion to occasion. Here is the brief description of top 15 doodles of Google, so continue reading.

1) Claude Debussy


This is one of the best creations of Google which was launched to celebrate the 151st anniversary of the greatest French composer Clause Debussy. The scene consisted of various enchanting images of the two silhouetted strangers in separate boats sharing one red umbrella.


2) Tour de France 2013


This was developed by Google to celebrate the 100th Tour de France. The picture depicted a cyclist sporting a Gallic moustache and also the Le Tour’s famous maillot Jaune yellow jersey with his wheels going like the clappers


3) Saul Bass’s 93rd birthday


This doodle of Google was based on some of the Bass’s best known designs, including his work on the Anatomy of a murder. This was done to pay regards to the Graphic designer and the filmmaker Bass on his 93rd birthday


4) Freddie Mercury


After the meeting with Brian May who described his friend Freddie Mercury the Google team decided to celebrate the late singer’s 65th birthday with this beautiful animation in the doodle.

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5) Charlie Chaplin


This mesmerizing doodle was made to pay tribute to the silent film star Charlie Chaplin on his 122nd birthday. It consisted of a 2 min video depicting the comedy work of this great actor


6) 8-bit Winter Wonderland


This doodle was created to pay regards to the brilliant Frank Zamboni, an Italian-American inventor of the ice resurfacer. The doodle consisted of an ice skating game


7) 150 years of the Lord Underground



This doodle creation wad done to pay regards to the great underground electric draughtsman, Harry Beck who gave the world the London Tube’s map’s amazing design.

8) Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo



This doodle celebrated the 107th anniversary of the comic artist Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland in some serious style.


9) The Brothers Grimm


The Google crafted this amazing doodle to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the brothers Grimm.


10) Halloween special



This doodle depicted the Halloween 2012 celebrations with some interactive and attractive scene depicting a spooky street and various doors for you to enter. Each door has something special for you

11) First Human in Space

This was created to pay regards to the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin.

12) JKF 50th anniversary



This amazing yet serious doodle was created to pay regards to the former president . John f Kennedy is the 35th President of the United States


13) Will Eisner
Best Doodles of Google


This comic book inspired doodle was created in memory of graphic artist Will Eisner

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14) Amelia Earhart

Best Doodles of Google


In order to remind the world of the accomplishments of life of pioneering female pilot Ameila Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Google created this doodle.


15) Google zipper


This doodle in the memory of Swedish American founder Gideon sundback .who made the ZIPPER .Zip is use by million of people all around the world. These are best doodle according to me if I forget special one then please inform me via comment


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